2023 FOX Global Investment Forum In-Person Agenda

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In-Person Agenda

Monday, March 20, 2023

All times listed in U.S. Central Time
6:30 pm

FOX Direct Investing Dinner
Open to Single Family Offices and Wealth Owners

The Joule Terrace at The Joule

1530 West Main Street, Dallas, TX 


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

8:00 am Breakfast and Registration
9:00 am

Welcome to the Forum
Join FOX team members for opening Forum remarks, updates on the year to come, and a sneak peek into preliminary Global Investment Survey results.

David Toth, President of Membership, FOX

9:30 am

2023 Global Macroeconomic Outlook
Join FOX as we kick off the 2023 forum with Jeff Kleintop, Charles Schwab's Chief Global Investment Strategist. Jeff will lead us through the ever-changing landscape of global economies, economic trends, and a cadre of other influences impacting family office investors. Explore and understand influences from inflation, global recession, and war in Europe to other key components impacting future risks and opportunities.

Jeffrey Kleintop, Managing Director, Chief Global Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab

Introduced by David Toth, President of Membership, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

10:30 am

Examining the Impact of Fundamental Global Investment Themes
Panelists will discuss two highly relevant post-pandemic investment themes, Supply Chain and Energy. Join industry experts as they walk through the current state of these highly disrupted industries, key drivers and pitfalls impacting potential investment opportunities, and where families could find long term potential and harness these disrupted and dynamic industries.

Jeff Kidd, Managing Director, Harris Williams Transportation and Logistics Group
Maynard Holt, Founder and CEO, Veriten Global Energy Research

Moderated by Miguel López de Silanes Gómez, Market Leader, International, FOX 

1.0 CPE | Finance

11:30 am Networking Luncheon
1:00 pm

The Family Office Investment Process
Join a panel of experienced family office investing professionals exploring and explaining the use of different holistic investment processes that family offices can use to drive and achieve success across a broad range of portfolios. From managers to individual securities to direct investments, this session will provide practical "how-to" knowledge for any size office investment professional looking for realistic advice from experienced practitioners.

John Martin, Chief Investment Officer, LDI, Ltd.
Jonathan Lach, Private Investor
Luciana Salazar, CIO, MyA Capital FO, Panama

Moderated by David Toth, President of Membership, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

2:00 pm Networking Break
2:45 pm

Family Office Chief Investment Officer Perspectives: Investing in Privates
Join a panel of family office Chief Investment Officers as they recap their direct investing journey over the last twelve months of having to navigate uncertain times. Explore with them as they discuss adjusting their profiles, lessons learned, and where they see opportunities in 2023 and beyond.

John Martin, Chief Investment Officer, LDI, Ltd.
Mauricio Zachrisson, Director, Losa Group
Briton Burge, Principal, Rosewood Private Investments

Moderated by Nate Hamilton, Vice Chair, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

3:45 pm Networking Break
4:30 pm Family Office Chief Investment Officer Perspectives: Investing Globally

Join Miguel López de Silanes Gómez as he explores how dynamic global markets and geo-politics have impacted global family office CIO’s from around the world. Learn how panelists navigated 2022 through both their local and regional investing lens as well as beyond their respective borders. Learn what is shaping their thinking and better understand where they see risk and opportunity.

Corey Biggs, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Chinquapin Trust 
Matthew Andrade, CFA, Managing Director, Public Investments at Werklund Family Office

Moderated by Miguel López de Silanes Gómez, Market Leader, International, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

5:30 pm Networking Reception
7:00 pm International Attendees Dinner
Open to Forum attendees from outside the U.S.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

All times listed in U.S. Central Time
7:45 am Breakfast and Registration Open
8:30 am

Day 2 Opening Remarks

Scott Muench, Managing Director, Core Memberships, FOX

8:40 am

Unpacking the Middle Market M&A Landscape
Join a panel of leading lower and middle market M&A professionals as they cover market updates, M&A trends, and insights into the private equity and debt markets. Our panelists will explore how market conditions and global considerations are impacting private equity and what the road ahead might look like for family investors.    

Bob Wegbreit, Executive Director, GF Data, an ACG Company 
Jeff Kidd, Managing Director, Harris Williams Transportation and Logistics Group 

Moderated by Scott Muench, Managing Director, Core Membership, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

9:30 am Break
10:00 am

Breakout Sessions
(Please Choose One)

Family Real Estate Investors with Domain Expertise
Join experienced family office owners and professional real estate investors as they review the state of commercial, industrial, and value add real estate sub-asset classes and the road ahead. Enjoy an open conversation exploring where future opportunities may be and practical advice on which markets, partners and deal profiles could make the most sense for family office investors.

John C. Davidson, President and CEO, Parmenter Realty Partners
Juan Fernando Valdivieso, Managing Partner, PEN Capital 
Dan Thomas, President, DT Capital Group

Moderated by Nick Rhoads, Trustee & Ex-Officio Board Member, FOX 

1.0 CPE | Finance 

- OR -

Asset Gatherers vs. Boutiques: It Can Pay to Be Small
Join experts from Asset Consulting Group as they share why a small and nimble asset base allows managers to maintain their investment discipline and fully allocate to their highest conviction ideas. This session will help attendees understand how a focus on asset gathering can adversely impact a manager’s ability to add value over time, while capacity-minded firms can protect alpha potential.

Craig Coleman II, CIMA®, Vice President, Asset Consulting Group
Joseph Nugent, Director, Asset Consulting Group

Moderated by Gaby Griffin, Managing Director of Council Memberships, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

11:00 am Break
11:30 am

Virtual Fireside Chat: The Road Ahead for Global Investing

Join an experienced global macro investor for a fireside chat exploring the global macro investing environment at large. Understand which hedge fund strategies performed best in 2022 and further, which strategies are best poised to perform well in a period of high volatility and uncertainty, and how these strategies should be deployed within family portfolios.      

Joe Dowling, Global Head of Blackstone Alternative Asset Management (BAAM)

Moderated by Nate Hamilton, Vice Chair, FOX

1.0 CPE | Finance

12:30 pm Closing Remarks and Forum Concludes