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FOX Data Usage Policy

Members of the press are invited to quote and use data from current FOX studies in published articles and blogs as long as Family Office Exchange LLC is cited as the copyright owner of this information.  An authorized citation includes the FOX document title, publication date, and Copyright © Family Office Exchange in close proximity to the location of the cited FOX information in the authorized licensee’s work. Quotation of more than three items or one table requires clearance from


Company Overview

About Family Office Exchange

Family Office Exchange (FOX) was the first and continues to be the industry-leading membership organization that brings together families, family office executives, and trusted advisors to build a community focused on networking, continuous learning, and objective guidance. The community includes over 8,000 family leaders and sophisticated advisors from 500 organizations in 27 countries who utilize FOX’s resources. 

FOX is headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, San Francisco, and Madrid. For more information about FOX email us at or visit

FOX Facts

  • Founded in 1989 by Sara Hamilton
  • Locations in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Madrid, and Sydney
  • 46 employees
  • 500+ members globally
  • Members in 27 countries, 43 states in the U.S.
  • Runs peer networks, events, workshops, primary research (leading to best practices, benchmarking, investment performance, compensation), and online discussions
  • Known for pioneering thought leadership on the following topics:
    • Sustaining the wealth over generations
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
    • Measuring the value of the family office and outside advisors
    • Enterprise best practices and benchmarking
    • Family legacy planning
    • Effective governance and structure
    • Responsible ownership
    • Younger generation education
    • Utilizing private family trust companies as a long term governance tool
    • The advantages of long term strategies in investing
  • FOX is a privately owned limited liability corporation, run for the benefit of members

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