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Richard Haass and the Challenges Facing the Next Generation

Aug 23, 2012
FOX is pleased to welcome Dr. Richard Haass back as a keynote speaker for this year’s Fall Forum.Dr. Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, ...

Mark Halperin and The Substance, Drama and Consequence of Modern Politics

Aug 9, 2012
We are pleased to announce that Time Senior Political Correspondent Mark Halperin will be delivering a keynote address at this year’s FOX Fall Forum. Mark’s sess...

Pioneering a Directory of Leading Wealth Advisors

Aug 3, 2012
Family Office Exchange is known for pioneering initiatives that provide unique insights to wealth owners and wealth advisors. Our latest innovation is the Direct...

How to Have Great White Elephant Conversations

Jun 7, 2012
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Churchill 

Family Engagement: How to get the next generation to the table

May 31, 2012
In the last NextGen post, I shared some insights into what keeps some younger family members from becoming engaged in the business of the family. Here’s a l...

Is Good Service Good Enough?

May 24, 2012
Advisors to wealthy families are nothing if not solicitous.  For nearly two-thirds of FOX multi-family office members, “quality of client servicing” is the ...

NextGen Network Series: Why are next generation family members not “showing up”?

May 16, 2012
Many NextGen family members who are actively engaged in the business of their families, whether by participating in the foundation, working in the family office,...

Introducing the FOX Wealth Center Blog

May 7, 2012
You’re right. The last thing the world needs is another blog.  This will change your mind.The world of family offices is full of complex issues and lots of ...