Connect to the power of the community

FOX provides an exclusive opportunity to engage with peers like yourself, and to gain insights into how other families are operating, what issues they are facing, and how they achieve their success.

You’ll meet other members in both focused, small-group settings as well as at our large events, which combine networking with top-quality programming to support continuous learning. Members can also connect in special-interest networks such as the Direct Investing Network, a group of 150+ members who share experiences, strategies, and potential deals.

Plus, the community is always connected online with our 24/7 member discussion platform, FOXChat.

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Gain insights and guidance from your dedicated advisor

Each member of FOX has a dedicated relationship manager who becomes familiar with your goals and challenges. Your relationship manager will quickly guide you to resources to help address your needs, leveraging the multiple learning opportunities at FOX, introductions to other members, our staff of subject matter experts and our library of resources.

Areas of expertise include: enterprise thinking, family governance, family learning, philanthropy, family office best practices, and investment strategy.

Stay informed about the latest issues and emerging trends

In today's rapidly changing economic and geopolitical environment, FOX members stay informed in the moment with hot topic webinars, key industry speakers, and one-to-one personalized guidance. FOX is committed to visionary thought leadership that influences and shapes the industry.

We also maintain and continuously add to FOX Trends & Insights, an extensive online library of articles, webinars, and videos. Our library of resources should be your starting point when searching for insights on the most current and relevant topics of concern for enterprising families.

Access objective benchmarking and insights

FOX provides the gold standard for benchmarking, best practices and research, with a team of 15 full-time subject matter experts on staff who deliver the latest insights to you.

As a pioneer in family office benchmarking, we offer awareness into how others are approaching structures, service offerings, investment management, as well as cost and compensation figures. Our research is designed to keep members abreast of breaking news, trends, and evolving issues.

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Get tailored solutions with custom advisory services

We provide strategic advice and practical solutions to families as they navigate the challenges of managing substantial business and financial assets. Our proven and disciplined process fosters the collaborative design of future possibilities for success.

With nearly 30 years of experience in working with ultra-wealthy families, our advisory team brings a fresh and objective perspective. We design our engagements based on each family's objectives - whether through a custom-designed series of programs or a unique individual family process.

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