Application of Best Practices: Insight From Two Family Office Executives


Two family office executives. Similar mindsets. Different demographics. Different circumstances. Join this webinar to hear two family office executives articulate how they run the family office like a business. We will explore internal office processes as well as client facing activities while focusing on risk management and best practices. Finally, there will be an examination of being a regulated vs. unregulated entity and the impact of regulation on family office operations. Participate in this webinar to hear how family offices apply best practices and get the opportunity to ask questions to family office executives.

This program will be most relevant to wealth owners, family office executives and advisors on a strategic level. Strategic level content is defined as complex, integrated topics and issues of multigenerational family wealth management. The program may include examples of a case-based study and discussion for firm and family leaders.

Date Published: Friday, December 30, 2011

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