Trustees and Beneficiaries


Top 4 Mistakes Family Trustees Make
Warner Norcross + Judd
To effectively serve as a trustee, it's crucial to understand your fiduciary duties. Even trustees with the best of intentions can create liability for themselves by being unprepared for the job
How To Be A Good Trust Beneficiary
Warner Norcross + Judd
Unlike trustees, who have very specific fiduciary duties spelled out for them in our trust laws, beneficiaries don’t have much guidance to help them in the role of beneficiary. Our answers to
Protecting Yourself When Serving As a Family Trustee
Warner Norcross + Judd
When it comes to selecting trustees, families often choose family members to serve in this role. However, if you agree to serve as a trustee, you become a “fiduciary” who must
Understanding Your Role as a Trustee for Your Family
Warner Norcross + Judd
Serving as a trustee for your family can be a valuable experience for you, while also providing an important service to your family. But before you accept the position, make sure that you understand
Selecting the Modern Trustee
Selecting the right trustee is one of the most important decisions a grantor will make. The role of trustee has evolved significantly over the 21st century, and today’s trustee needs to
Trustee Selection: The Five Principles to Consider
Tolleson Wealth Management
A trustee’s job is to carry out the intent of the trust creator, using the trust document as a roadmap. Trustees and beneficiaries must work to build a mutually beneficial relationship to
Estate Planning: How to Choose a Trustee
Tolleson Wealth Management
Death isn’t something many want to think about, but estate planning is a complex topic with consequential decisions. Tolleson Wealth Management President Richard Joyner discusses what to think
2021 Estate Planning Update
FOX’s annual estate planning webcast will lead participants through a thoughtful discussion of some of the most important topics and developments that were covered at the 55th Annual Heckerling
Private Trust Company Leading Practices: Designing a Governance Structure
Willow Street Group
A solid governance structure is critical to any private trust company’s long-term success. Through a thoughtful review that includes useful diagrams and outlines, learn the common
Family Inheritance: Does Fair Mean Equal?
Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank
Many families who have significant assets to pass on later in life or at death may think that being “fair and equal” in the treatment of family beneficiaries is an easy process. However,