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2022 Cybersecurity Update
Our annual cybersecurity update will discuss one of the leading cybersecurity risks to your firm and your clients—ransomware. With the instances of ransomware attacks rising every day, wealthy family
Cyber Security: Protecting Family Office Data
Eton Solutions
Eton Solutions discusses how to mitigae cyber secuirty breaches in family offices.
Transforming a Family Office to Reimagine the Value it Delivers
Eton Solutions
It is no secret that family office operations are changing. To stay relevant, family offices must evolve—and they need technology that can support them in this evolution. Specifically, offices
3 Trends to Build an Innovative Family Office
The onset of remote work and other needs in the family office space have accelerated the pace of growth and change. As a result, family offices are increasingly turning to technology to manage
Making the Case for Digital Transformation
Baker Tilly
With the pace of change accelerating in today’s environment, it becomes critical for organizations to adapt and embrace a digital transformation that goes beyond implementing new tools and
5 Imperatives for CIOs in 2022
As we move into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, business and technical leaders need to start thinking beyond COVID-19 and start assessing what their needs are going to be and what challenges
2022 Cyber Predictions
Baker Tilly
Last year’s six cyber predictions were more on target than not in a year that ended up being unpredictable in many ways. Cyberattacks continued to pose a threat to insureds and insurers, as
Crypto Currency's Inevitable Entry into the Mainstream Economy
Perkins Coie
In this conversation, U.S. Congressman Darren Soto of Florida's 9th District tells us what the U.S. Congress is doing to regulate crypto currency and its inevitable introduction into the
Is COVID-19 a Catalyst for Digital Identity Advancement?
Perkins Coie
The growth and adoption of secure digital identity systems, including digital health status systems containing health records, could provide a uniform and reliable response to calls for health
Seven Technology Industry Predictions for 2022
While 2021 revealed the resiliency of the tech industry and inspired innovation amid spikes in demand, the tech landscape in 2022 will be shaped by the confluence of various factors. From impending