Technology Trends and Innovations


2019 U.S. Family Business Survey: Creating Stronger Foundations for the Future
PwC Private Company Services
The results of the U.S. Family Business Survey findings brought out the importance of being prepared to compete in a far more digital economy. Family businesses have built up trust among loyal
3 Trends in 2019 Every Wealthy Family Should Know About
When it comes to the family, dynamics are changing. There is no longer one dominant family form in the U.S., according to Pew research. Parents are waiting longer to have children, and many
Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting
SEI Archway
With a seemingly infinite amount of performance data points and varying degrees of investor knowledge among stakeholders, it can be difficult to determine the reporting requirements for each group.
Internet Security for Family Offices: 10 Steps to Protect Online Information
SEI Archway
The Internet has bought connection, communication, and efficiency to the business world, including famiy offices. However, conducting business online without proper security and knowledge of risks
Risk in Review Study: Managing Risks and Enabling Growth in the Age of Innovation
PwC Private Company Services
How can risk executives embrace innovation while preparing for unknown risks such as a self-driving car commandeered by hackers, data analytics software that unintentionally reflects biases, or
I Married a Robot: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives
Ballentine Partners
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets more sophisticated and weaves further into the fabric of human existence, what are the implications for work and society? How will AI, its evolution, and some of
How Companies Are Deploying Digital Capabilities to Reinvent Their Business Models
Grant Thornton
Companies have been employing digital technology for years, but they are only now committing themselves to pursuing durable digital transformations. The shift signals a changed outlook from recent
Must-Consider Technologies to Disrupt Your Status Quo
Dennis Bagley and Dave Plomin, Plante Moran
You’ve made the right moves in your operating business—you’ve developed and executed your IT plan and upgraded your ERP, EAM, and CRM systems to improve efficiencies and gain new
Industry 4.0: Adopt Smart Technologies for a Competitive Advantage
Dave Plomin, Plante Moran
Industry 4.0—synonymous with smart technologies—is driving efficiencies and increasing productivity. Data, and the physical-digital integration of humans, processes, systems, and machines
Tomorrow's World: A Revolution Begins
PwC Private Company Services
The future. It’s the topic on the mind of most business leaders—what’s going to happen in the future? And importantly, how do you ensure you’re prepared for it? Today, as