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Infographic: Family Office IT - Top 5 Things to Do Right Now
Family Office Exchange
The Demise of Distance
Korn Ferry
Location, location, location. Across the world, companies are building innovation hubs and training and educational centers closer to their clients in a bid to cocreate and deliver new services in
Equally Robust: Virtual vs. In-Person Simulation Assessments
Korn Ferry
Social distancing drives a great need for virtual work, including in the area of assessments. Until the advent of technology that enabled remote simulations, in-person leadership simulation
Secure Your Assets
Korn Ferry
Investors are more concerned and educated about cybersecurity than ever before. With more money and competition all around, asset management firms are increasing their focus on cybersecurity to meet
5 Ways to Create a Better Home Technology
AMDG Architects
Technology is a growing part of everyday life. It’s hard to imagine going even a day without it. However, creating a home in which technology serves the homeowner, and not the other way around
Demystifying Risk Management for Family Offices
Boston Private
As family offices grow increasingly complex and manage larger and more varied assets, they are becoming prime targets for a variety of security threats. The traditionally low-profile and discreet
U.S. - China Technology Cold War
Asset Consulting Group
Much of the trade conflict between the U.S. and China can be traced to China’s desire to be a technological power. It is difficult for China to do much more than play catch-up in established
Raising Digitally Responsible Kids: A Family Contract for Digital Devices
Open dialogue between parents and children and, specifically, the creation of a family contract can promote responsible use of digital devices. With the help of a discussion guide and a sample
CFO Outlook Survey: Technology Innovation with Intent
In the tech industry, the calculus for risk versus innovation is starting to shift. The technology companies are thinking differently about the how, why, where, and potential outcomes of their
5 Big Financial Integration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Financial integrations give companies a competitive edge. They allow for disparate systems to work synchronously. They eliminate the rekeying of data, enable the sharing of information across teams