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New Data, New Trends: What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement in 2023
Engaged employees perform with passion, enthusiasm, and connection—they are often your star performers who you don’t want to lose. But in today's workforce environment, just
Quiet Quitting: What Does it Mean for Your Practice?
Quiet quitting is not new to the workforce, but it is on the rise and is a growing concern for organization leaders. What exactly is a “quiet quitter?" It's an employee
Understanding the Board's ESG Mandate
Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become the next frontier in risk mitigation and long-term value creation. While ESG introduces high-stakes responsibilities for the board, it rests on
Global Employer Guide 2022
K&L Gates
From Australia to United States and many places in between, this Global Employer Guide reflects an easy-to-read summary of employment law that changed in each country over the past year, including
Secrets of Successful Business-Owning Families
Northern Trust
Many business owners worry about how their success and wealth will impact their loved ones and the next generation. The fear behind it can hinder the ability of future generations to build on
Recession or Not, Family Businesses Benefit from These Strategic and Tactical Tips
Baker Tilly
Many family-owned businesses feel like a recession has started already, due to rising material and energy costs, continued labor shortages coupled with wage increases, and other factors. Whether
Regulatory Trends Impacting Household Employment
TEAM Risk Management Strategies
Employing service providers in your home carries considerable risk. If not handled with extreme care, the process of hiring, termination, and managing day-to-day responsibilities can create liability
Employment Dos and Don'ts When Implementing Workforce Reductions
Foley & Lardner
With the signal of a looming recession, forward-looking employers are preparing for a change in course regarding labor challenges. Taking steps now to prepare for the possibility of
Pre- And Post-Transaction Planning Checklist for the Sale of Your Business
William Blair & Company
When selling a business, owners often focus on closing the deal. An additional focus on personal wealth planning opportunities could result in significant savings on income, gift, and estate taxes.
Data Security Incident Report 2022—Resilience and Perseverance
Diving deep into the metrics from more than 1,270 data security incidents, this one-of-a-kind report features actionable insights and checklists to help companies improve their data security measures