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Tax Reform 2018: How Different Types of Taxpayers Will Be Impacted

There has been a lot of speculation and confusion about the impacts of the most recent tax reform, with many asking if they have to pay more taxes.

What All Cyber Criminals Know: Small & Midsize Businesses With Little or No Cybersecurity Are Ideal Targets
Chubb Personal Risk Services

Cybersecurity risks are uniquely challenging for small and midsize businesses due to the frequency with which these threats manifest into bona fide cybersecurity incidents, the severe business disr

Cyber Loss Mitigation for Directors
Dan A. Bailey, Esq., Bailey Cavalieri and Chubb Personal Risk Services

Cyber risk has become a major potential loss exposure for almost any company.

Business Planning Opportunities After Tax Reform
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

The new tax laws have answered many of the concerns and wishes of the business community—reducing corporate tax rates, providing business deductions, and fine tuning business-related sections of th

5 Questions to Ask Before the Sale of Your Business
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

A business owner may feel both excitement and concern at the prospect of selling a business.

2018 FOX Global Investment Survey: Key Insights
Family Office Exchange

The FOX Global Investment Survey is designed to aid wealth owners and family office executives in their review of the family's allocation decisions and investment performance each year.

Culture and Capitalism in China: A Family Office View from Wigmore

The United States has been the world’s undisputed economic superpower for more than a hundred years. Yet in the long arc of history, that dominance has been relatively brief.

What Does the Future Hold?
Michael A. Cole, Ascent Private Capital Management

Many individuals and families attribute their success today to years or decades of decisive planning and focused effort.

Nine Planning Opportunities After Tax Reform
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

Now that the new tax reform is in place, it’s time to consider the impact it may have on you and your family and determine what steps may be appropriate based on your specific financial goals and c

Benefits Legal Update: First Quarter 2018
HUB International Personal Insurance

In December, President Trump signed a new tax bill into law that is the largest tax overall since 1986. Learn how the new bill may affect your employee benefits programs.