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The Talent Problem, Revisited
Baker Tilly
Attracting and retaining talent was a significant problem for many organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to be a major issue across most industries. While the pandemic
Data Security Incident Report 2022—Resilience and Perseverance
Diving deep into the metrics from more than 1,270 data security incidents, this one-of-a-kind report features actionable insights and checklists to help companies improve their data security measures
Business Ownership at a Crossroads: Key Questions for Planning What's Next
Cambridge Associates
There are a range of opinions about the pros and cons of maintaining concentrated ownership in a business. For many business owners, a company represents more than an asset. Consequently,
U.S. and British Law Enforcement Agencies Issue Unprecedented Warning About Chinese Espionage Efforts
Foley & Lardner
While China has denied engaging in espionage efforts as outlined in the joint warning from the U.S. and British law enforcement agencies, it is crucial for businesses to defend against the
Good for Business, Good for the World
Social responsibility is not new to family businesses. However, issues related to sustainability, climate risk, poverty, and uncertainty in many parts of the world are rising in importance. Leaders
Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Transformation in Family Business
Family businesses, like most other business types, had to react quickly to the impact of the pandemic. Necessary changes were made, but the kind of change that is truly transformative is proactive,
The Regenerative Power of Family Businesses
How do family businesses keep their founders' entrepreneurial spirit alive and continue to grow from decade to decade and generation to generation? Learning from an in-depth survey of 2,439
2022 Commercial Property and Casualty Market Outlook
USI Insurance Services
An influx of new insurers has helped expand overall capacity in the U.S. insurance market. As the market begins to stabilize, commercial insurance buyers that maintain quality risks with strong data
3 Risks Your Corporate Insider Threat Program May be Overlooking
Red Five Security
Corporate insiders pose a unique threat as they are given privileged access to the company’s assets and are trusted to use that access responsibly and ethically. However, this can go awry in
Three Gaps an Owner Must Monitor
Baker Tilly
A gap between one’s perception and reality can cause disappointment, frustration, and concern. For the business owners, who need to understand their position in the market compared to its