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Five Things to Consider if a Buyer is Financing the Purchase of Your Business
Koley Jessen P.C.
Transactions for the purchase and sale of businesses are rarely all cash deals. No matter the transaction structure, the use of financing to consummate the purchase creates a new dimension and layers
Employee Retention Strategies
Koley Jessen P.C.
Employers are facing workplace retention challenges with increasing regularity. Whether this is the result of a shift in generational norms or a strong economy, employees seem to be more mobile than
U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® Detailed Findings
U.S. Trust Family Office
The 2018 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® study asked nearly one thousand high-net-worth individuals about their approach to building wealth and the extent to which they are using it to
U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® Findings Overview: Putting Wealth Into Action
U.S. Trust Family Office
It is often thought that financial success comes with a certain level of financial freedom: the freedom to pursue passions, to take risks, to give back and to make an even bigger impact. In the 2018
Revitalizing Privacy and Trust in a Data-Driven World: Key Findings from the Global State of Information Security® Survey 2018
PwC Private Company Services
Massive data breaches, constant collection of personal data—it may seem like privacy is dead in the digital age. But privacy, security and trust are increasingly vital and intertwined in a data
Risk in Review Study: Managing Risks and Enabling Growth in the Age of Innovation
PwC Private Company Services
How can risk executives embrace innovation while preparing for unknown risks such as a self-driving car commandeered by hackers, data analytics software that unintentionally reflects biases, or
Regulation Roulette, Part I: ASC 606 and Subscription Businesses
Sage Intacct
It’s not news that revenue is the key indicator of a company’s financial performance and health. What is news is the accounting rules around the recognition and reporting on that revenue is about to
Regulation Roulette, Part II: Six Rules for ASC 606 Readiness
Sage Intacct
Under the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard, contracts are the basis of how organizations must recognize revenue. This places significant pressure on your accounting system and financial
Five Tax Reform Strategies for Business Owners
Jonathan Fitzgerald, Wilmington Trust
With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in late 2017, virtually all areas of federal tax law saw sweeping changes. As a business owner, it’s particularly important to understand how these
"Career Conversations" Rather Than "Performance Reviews"—A New Take
Mahler Private Staffing
Performance reviews for staff members, often occurring either at the end of the year or on the anniversary of the staff member’s employment, are an important aspect of ongoing staff management