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3 Risks Your Corporate Insider Threat Program May be Overlooking
Red Five Security
Corporate insiders pose a unique threat as they are given privileged access to the company’s assets and are trusted to use that access responsibly and ethically. However, this can go awry in
Three Gaps an Owner Must Monitor
Baker Tilly
A gap between one’s perception and reality can cause disappointment, frustration, and concern. For the business owners, who need to understand their position in the market compared to its
Volatile Economic Signals Present Opportunity for Beneficial Re-evaluation of Estate and Business Plans
Baker Tilly
After more than a decade of record low interest rates, the combination of inflation and increasing interest rates has investors jittery; however, it also presents an opportunity for high-net-worth
Employee Stock Ownership Plans for Your Business
For decades, owners of privately held companies have used Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) to sell their business and unlock meaningful liquidity while preserving their legacy. Current federal
B Corporations: Finding Balance Between Purpose and Profit, and Connecting with Consumers Along the Way
BMO Family Office
Sustainable practices and responsible governance are the future of capitalism. With nearly 7 in 10 millennials and 52% of U.S. adults considering company values when making a purchase, B Corporations
2022 Employee Benefits Market Outlook
USI Insurance Services
The C-suite faces tough operational obstacles as competition for talent remains fierce and employers experience higher-than-average turnover. In navigating the challenges, this report addresses the
American Workers Find Their Voice
Grant Thornton
While the labor market remains volatile with the persistence of America’s Great Resignation, businesses face novel challenges to make sure they attract and retain the workforce they need to
Captives Prove Their Value During Trying Times
Risk Strategies Company
When COVID hit, many business owners faced the dire realization that the insurance they paid so much for did not cover the business interruption resulting from the pandemic exposures. To help guard
Losing Value to the "Four Ds"
Baker Tilly
Three out of four businesses will change hands over the next 10 years. The question is whether this sale and change in ownership will be on the owner’s terms or if the business will fall victim
Options for Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement: the Case for Life Insurance
Baker Tilly
As the owner of a closely held business, proper planning will ensure that, if something happens to you, your business interest is transferred according to wishes. Having a buy-sell agreement in place