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2019 Guide to Tax and Wealth Planning
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Managing wealth can be particularly complex as policies and tax laws change. Employing financial, legal, and tax professionals can help, but each family should be vigilant in understanding and
Employers Face an Increase in Class Action Lawsuits Based on Pre-Employment Background Checks
John C. Dunn, Koley Jessen P.C.
An increasing problem facing employers is the threat of class action lawsuits related to their use of background checks. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that employers are violating a federal
Internet Security for Family Offices: 10 Steps to Protect Online Information
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The Internet has bought connection, communication, and efficiency to the business world, including famiy offices. However, conducting business online without proper security and knowledge of risks
Cybersecurity Compliance Does Not Equal Security
The reality today is many companies have relied too much on conducting just a cybersecurity compliance checklist assessment and framework. While compliance with government and industry documentation
Top Ten Cybersecurity Trends and Key Recommendations for 2019
Cyber-attacks are increasing in sophistication and magnitude of impact across all industries globally and can negatively impact a company's reputation and market value. Thus, all companies need
Fine Art Collection Care: Risk Management, Insurance and Claims
Many people collect artwork for the joy it brings them, while others also focus on the investment angle of their collection. In both cases, collectors should ensure their insurance program and risk
How Your Board Can Better Oversee Cyber Risk
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Having a good cyber risk management program in place might help a company prevent some breaches. But more importantly, when a breach does happen, it can help companies get back on their feet faster
Arm Your Home Against Ice Damming
Winter-related claims add up to over $1 billion each year across the insurance industry. One common—yet often overlooked—cause of costly damage is ice damming. The best time to make
Minimize Basement Flooding With a Sump Pump
Finished basements are at elevated risk during heavy storms, making electronic and recreational equipment, furniture, mechanical systems, and other items susceptible to damage. Basement flooding can
Act Now, Worry Less
The best time to install protective devices or materials in your home is during a renovation, addition, or new construction. Consider the following recommendations early in your planning stages to