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The Emerging Art Collector Checklist
HUB International Personal Insurance
Like any other objective, acquiring art is a goal that needs careful planning. Particularly within Canada, whose burgeoning art scene is bringing new collectors into galleries and online auctions.
Hurricane Readiness: Top Tips to Prepare Your Home
AIG Private Client Group
When it comes to protecting your family and home against storms, planning and maintenance goes a long way. There's a lot you can do to prepare your home for hurrican season, and these top tips
Making Insurance a Cornerstone of Wealth Management
HUB International Personal Insurance
With the past two years as a backdrop, risk management and insurance for 2022 will be anything but simple. It will entail assessing vulnerabilities with regards to changes such as permanent work-from
The Global Risks Report 2022
Marsh McLennan and World Economic Forum
Prioritize your risk strategies for 2022 and beyond with this 17th edition of the Global Risks Report, which explores the areas that your organization should safeguard against and capitalize on as
Is COVID-19 a Catalyst for Digital Identity Advancement?
Perkins Coie
The growth and adoption of secure digital identity systems, including digital health status systems containing health records, could provide a uniform and reliable response to calls for health
9 Tips for Safe Online Shopping This Holiday Season
Red Five Security
More than two billion Americans are predicted to shop online for gifts over the holiday season. While scouring the web for the perfect gifts, cybersecurity needs to be at the forefront of your mind
Guide to Ransomware Prevention: Cybersecurity Leading Practices
Baker Tilly
Ransomware attacks not only cause significant direct and indirect costs to your organization, but they also degrade productivity and can cause irreparable reputational damage. By implementing
What to Look for in an Independent Agent or Broker
Chubb Personal Risk Services
Whether you’ve worked with ultra-high-net-worth clients for years or are just starting to grow that business, you know that these families and individuals are typically very private and prefer
Does Wealth Change the Way You Think?
Chubb Personal Risk Services
There is so much more than the amount of the ultra-high-net-worth individual’s assets that can affect his or her attitudes, goals, and tolerance for risk. In this research report, a new
Out of Left Tail: How Adequate Property and Casualty Insurance Can Improve the Risk-Adjusted Return
Chubb Personal Risk Services
The Wharton research has found that the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals want their financial advisors to make tangible assets and risk assessment part of their advisory services. In this