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The Rise of Cyber Crime Against Affluent Individuals
HUB International Personal Insurance
As many as 20% of family offices have knowingly experienced a cyber security attack prior to the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s likely that number is significantly higher today. Learn how to
COVID-19 Vaccine Communications: Walking the Messaging Tight Rope
HUB International Personal Insurance
Crafting the right message can be tricky at the best of times—add a global pandemic and new vaccine to the mix and the process can be downright terrifying. Depending on the needs and culture of
Why is Water Damage Such a Big Deal?
The Cincinnati Insurance Company
Water damage is consistently among the most common and severe causes of loss to homes. It is amazing to see the damage that water can do. Water carved the Grand Canyon—just think what it does
Browsing Safely Online
BMO Family Office
Going on the internet can put your devices and personal details at risk from unexpected online threats like malware and ransomware. Learn about the threats and see some internet safety tips to help
How to Stay Safe on Social Media
BMO Family Office
The more we use social media to share updates, pictures and videos with friends and family, the easier it can be for cybercriminals to steal our information. See how you can use social media safely
Turn Five Tech Risks Into Opportunity for Your Firm
The potential downside for financial services firms that do not implement protective measures to safeguard businesses from an array of technology risks is great, but the risk of becoming complacent
Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions
Risk Strategies Company
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an acceleration of adoption of cloud solutions and other remote access tools. However, hasty adoption of any new technology that is not combined with robust security
Vendor Selection: Best Practices for Risk Management
Risk Strategies Company
Third-party vendors can range from custodial companies, to IT services, to professional service firms. Whatever their contracted function, they have access to your physical premises and/or your
Special Travel Considerations for Successful Families
PURE Group of Insurance Companies
As a successful family, your unique lifestyle can create unique challenges while traveling around the world. The next time you travel, there are five key areas to consider that can help keep you,
4 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home
PURE Group of Insurance Companies
When it comes to buying a new home, there can be many unknowns. Uncovering issues and the hidden risks earlier in the process can help you make a more informed buying decision. There are four