Insurance and Risk Management


Real Estate Manager’s Survival Guide in a Hard Insurance Market
HUB International Personal Insurance
Because of losses in catastrophe-prone areas and other hard market factors, insurance carriers have pulled back the amount of insurance they’ll offer. Despite the hard market, real estate
The Growing Regulation of AI-Based Employment Decision Tools
Perkins Coie
The growing use of video and automated technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), in employment practices—and the concern that the technology may foster discrimination and bias—
The Most Critical Factors for AI Legal Compliance: Transparency and Explainability
Foley & Lardner
As artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GAI) continue to evolve and become integral to business operations, businesses must be mindful of the risks associated with deploying AI solutions.
When Your Child Turns 18: A Checklist of Legal Documents for Parents and Young Adults
Hemenway & Barnes
Many families are not aware of important legal issues that affect their 18 – 21-year-old children. Parents are often so focused on the fact that the drinking age is 21 that they do not realize
Protecting Wealth in Turbulent Times: Risk Management Strategies for Affluent Families
HUB International Personal Insurance
Wealthy families have always faced complex risk management issues, but it is particularly challenging when facing soaring inflation, regulatory uncertainty, rising cybercrime rates, and increasingly
Open Enrollment 2024: Health Savings Accounts
Plante Moran
Employers who sponsor high deductible health plans (HDHPs) that are compatible with health savings accounts (HSAs) should take the opportunity to explain how they work during open enrollment. Through
Climate Disclosures Playbook
Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services
With climate disclosures like TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) being mandated across the globe, it’s time for risk management professionals to prepare for it. This
Legal Document Checklist for Children Heading to College
Gresham Partners
Generally, parents lose access to their child’s health and financial information once the child becomes a legal adult at the age of 18 unless certain steps are taken. To
Managing the Risks of Generative AI
Something revolutionary has happened. Suddenly, anyone with an internet connection, armed only with the ability to hold a conversation in a chat app, could wield the transformative power of
Ten Minute Interview: Domestic Workers and Family Offices
Foley & Lardner
In this interview, attorney John Litchfield of Foley & Lardner’s Labor & Employment group discusses the key considerations family offices should keep in mind when it comes to domestic