Philanthropic Giving


Year-End Wealth Planning and Philanthropy Strategies
William Blair & Company
To position your wealth and philanthropic goals in an optimal position for the long-term, there are 8 strategies that can help activate high-impact capital and initiate purpose-driven charitable
Private Foundation Succession Planning
Foley & Lardner
During this two-part webinar presentation on private foundation succession planning, insights and planning tools are outlined and discussed to help the next generation of decision making. While there
Charitable Giving—Make It a Family Discussion
Warner Norcross + Judd
While modeling your charitable nature for your children is important, studies have shown that the impact is even greater when role modeling is combined with meaningful discussions about charitable
Thinking Strategically About Charitable Giving
William Blair & Company
Enhancing the impact that you and your family can have in supporting causes near to your hearts also requires more than just generosity and good intentions. It takes careful planning and an in-depth
Charitable Giving: Three Elements of a Successful Plan
The Vanguard Group
Charitable giving is an important goal for many investors. Although any form can be beneficial, proper planning of the when, what, and how can help maximize the donor’s philanthropic as well as
Philanthropy in the Age of Constant Disruption
William Blair & Company
In the age of accelerated changes across many aspects of society, six greatest disruptive forces and trends are reshaping the philanthropic landscape. By understanding those catalytic
Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy: Staffing for Success
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Professional staff is an essential element of an effective family philanthropy effort; however, it can be a difficult construct to navigate. In this special webcast and conversation, learn how
Exploring Charitable Giving and Beyond
BMO Family Office
Whether the goal is to improve a local community or support a more far-reaching cause, charitable giving is an important goal for many investors. From donating cash to establishing a donor-advised
Unblurring the Boundary Between Philanthropy and Impact Investing for Families
Cambridge Associates
Families of wealth often ask for views on two related topics—how to think about philanthropy versus impact investing and how to best implement a socially and/or environmentally impactful
Implementing a Sustainable and Impact Investing Strategy—A Family Perspective
Cambridge Associates
In this second paper of a two-part series on philanthropy and sustainable investing, we outline how families may wish to identify opportunities within sustainable and impact investing themes. Along