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Your Philanthropy Roadmap
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
This brief guide is designed to introduce you to the world of thoughtful, effective philanthropy. It’s a roadmap for donors—individuals, couples, families, or groups. It offers an
Giving in Challenging Times
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
With the world facing one of the most difficult times at the moment, this guide offers both emerging and established donors a look at important questions and issues faced. Even the most seasoned
Do I Want a Donor-Advised Fund or a Private Foundation?
Warner Norcross & Judd
As individuals and families contemplate their charitable giving, they often consider forming a private foundation or creating a donor-advised fund. Understanding the pros and cons of each giving
Direct Impact: Establishing an Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund
Hemenway & Barnes
The impact of COVID-19 on our communities is only just starting to come into focus. No matter what happens from here, the damage will be dramatic. Many nonprofits that have not traditionally made
Making a Difference: Private Foundations
When the next generation experiences the satisfaction of making a positive impact on the world, it can demonstrate to them the value of working together as a family for a common purpose and help
Bridging the Power Divide: How Family Funders Share and Shift Power
National Center for Family Philanthropy
What does it mean for a family funder to share and shift power? Here are ideas and questions to help guide an internal discussion on how your policies and practices affect the power dynamics of your
Options for Family Philanthropy: Comparing Donor-Advised Funds and Private Foundations
National Center for Family Philanthropy
When getting started with family philanthropy, a family has the option of choosing a donor-advised fund or establishing a private foundation. Each one has different requirements and management
Trends 2020 Report: Results of the Second National Benchmark Survey of Family Foundations
National Center for Family Philanthropy
In this Trends 2020 survey report, it focuses on the family foundation, the most common philanthropic vehicle for families seeking more structure, control, flexibility, next generation
Trends 2020 Executive Summary: Results of the Second National Benchmark Survey of Family Foundations
National Center for Family Philanthropy
In this Executive Summary of the Trends 2020 survey report, it shares the updated trends on the governance and management practices of U.S. family foundations, and includes new questions relevant to
The 4 Key Traits for Family Foundation Trailblazers
The 360 Group
Every new leader faces challenges. But for those who are breaking barriers within nonprofits or family foundations, the challenges are even more pronounced. The new leaders must find their footing