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Charitable Giving Guide
Schwab Advisor Family Office
Based on “The Stanford PACS Guide to Effective Philanthropy” and “The Philanthropy Toolkit: An Introduction to Giving Effectively,” this Schwab Charitable Giving Guide
12 Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Tips for 2023
Schwab Advisor Family Office
Persistent inflation and high interest rates have driven up costs and negatively affected charities. As a result, taking an efficient, tax-smart approach to maximizing donor impact has never been
Understanding Your Philanthropic Purpose, Motivations, and Values
National Center for Family Philanthropy
For your philanthropy to be meaningful and effective, it is important to define, refine, and periodically revisit your philanthropic purpose: to understand your motivations for giving, the collective
The Essentials of Good Governance: Fundamentals of Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Governance, a system for who will make decisions and how, is the guiding framework for your family philanthropy’s long-term success. There are many governance constructs that support an
Shifting Power to Shift Systems: Insights and Tools for Funders
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Philanthropy continues to wield disproportionate power today. However, a more nuanced conception of shared power has emerged and has spurred an increasing number of funders and ecosystem partners to
Accounting and Tax Trends in Philanthropy
The quest for nonprofit funding and ways to obtain it continues to evolve while donors want to know the impact of their funds. In this discussion, BPM’s Daniel Figueredo and Tami McInerney
Nonprofit Grantmakers Benchmarking Report
Beset by economic uncertainty and increasing demand for funding, grantmakers and family foundations find themselves at a pivotal moment as they adapt to a changing environment. With this
2023 Wealth Planning Outlook: The Power of Resilience
Northern Trust
Despite the challenging economic headwinds and shockwaves of 2022 continuing to reverberate, there are silver linings for those who focus on planning for the long term. In looking ahead, we examine
Charitable Giving—It’s Not Just for December
Warner Norcross + Judd
While charitable giving peaks in December, it is good planning to go past the last month of the year to help make a greater impact for your communities. Depending on your tax needs and
Fulfilling A Donor’s Vision: How Foundations Evolve and Innovate with Respect
Deb Hoover served as President and CEO of Burton D. Morgan Foundation for 15 years, and during that time she played an integral role in fulfilling the donor’s vision of advancing entrepreneurship in