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How to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Schwab Charitable
The global coronavirus pandemic has affected our families and communities in numerous ways. In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, many are wondering how they can help. With almost two million
Putting the "Family" in Family Philanthropy
Wilmington Trust
For many individuals, philanthropy is one of the more gratifying parts of estate planning. Adding in a multigenerational component—one that involves the family’s needs, interests, assets
Family Office Connections Podcast: Philanthropy
Boston Private
In this episode, two experts in the philanthropic advisory space talk about their experiences working with family offices, the state of the industry, and what it might look like in a post-pandemic
Panel: Capital Allocation in Complex Family Enterprises During a Crisis
One question that is often asked when working with family offices is “What are families like mine doing”? The interest in the answers is even greater during periods of crisis, such as the
Direct Impact: Establishing an Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund
Hemenway & Barnes
The impact of COVID-19 on our communities is only just starting to come into focus. No matter what happens from here, the damage will be dramatic. Many nonprofits that have not traditionally made
Family Philanthropy's Response to COVID-19
National Center for Family Philanthropy
During these trying times, it is heartening to see donors harness the power of philanthropy to combat the social, economic, and health implications of COVID-19. Resilience has been redefined as each
Strategic Time Horizons: A Global Snapshot of Foundation Approaches
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Whether responding to a cataclysmic event or providing sustainable financing to solve structural issues, philanthropies around the world are taking a fresh look at their approaches. As part of this
Charting a New Course for Charitable Giving in 2020
Hemenway & Barnes
The case for individuals and businesses to help others through philanthropy has never been stronger. At its core, the most effective charitable giving stems from a desire to benefit a cause or
Global Trends and Strategic Time Horizons in Family Philanthropy 2020
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Philanthropic activity within the global wealth community has been growing over the last three decades. This report aims to capture trends in family philanthropy, particularly as they relate to
Impact Investing: An Introduction
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
For many years, philanthropy and investing have been thought of as separate disciplines—one championing social change, the other financial gain. The idea that the two approaches could be