Philanthropic Giving


From Donation to Philanthropy: How Charitable Giving Has Evolved Generationally
BMO Family Office
Charitable giving used to predominantly exist as a transaction, but it has evolved into a philanthropic relationship rooted in long-term impact goals for all generations—from Boomers
2022 Ukraine Crisis Giving Guide
Tolleson Wealth Management
With many interested in helping the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, this list provides suggestions on where you can donate. As with any donations, make sure your donation is secure by donating
Shifting Horizons: Insights into How Family Offices Are Responding to Rapid Economic & Social Change
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Drawing from the perspectives of 200 family office decision makers across all major geographic regions, this research report provides insights into how they have responded to the economic and
Family Offices: Best Practices for Philanthropy
Plante Moran
Family offices are often tasked with managing a family’s philanthropy but may have limited knowledge and resources. Several best practices can help both families and family offices lead
Benefits of Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity
Schwab Advisor Family Office
For charitably minded individuals, cryptocurrency investments—such as Bitcoin and Ethereum—held more than one year may provide a unique opportunity to leverage highly appreciated assets
Sometimes Cash Isn't King: Contributing Non-Cash Assets
Schwab Advisor Family Office
When thinking about making a donation to support a charity, most of us immediately think about writing a check or typing in a credit card number. Even when we proactively think about using other
Tax-Smart Philanthropy for 2022
Schwab Advisor Family Office
For the charitably inclined individuals and families who are exploring ways to reduce their tax expose and maximize their charitable impact in 2022, there are eight tax-smart tips for charitable
Family Giving Primer: Assessment and Learning, Identifying Methods to Measure Success
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Effective philanthropy is a process of continual learning. An assessment plan will help you define and measure the progress of your partners, your strategy, and the governance and operations of your
Family Giving Primer: Building a Governance Framework for Your Decision Making
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Governance is the framework that helps you establish decision-making principles, policies, and practices. Understand the process and value of building a strong governance structure.This primer is the
Philanthropic Purpose: Defining Your Motivations, Values, Principles, and Priorities
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Why do you and your family want to give? While it can be difficult to answer, defining and articulating a clear philanthropic purpose should be your north star. Designed to help take stock of your