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State of the Ultra-Wealth Advisory Business
The ultra-wealth business continues to perform well, but not without some growing pains. While advisors to families of wealth benefited from strong markets in 2019 they are experiencing costs rising
Voice of the Ultra-Wealthy Family: Evolving Client Behaviors and the Impact on Advisors
According to FOX research, changing client behavior impacts what services need to be provided, how to develop talent and even the way firms articulate their value in the marketplace. In this webinar
Are Your Clients Working with the Right Insurance Resource?
Insurance advisors, like financial advisors, are not created equal. Effectively managing high-value assets and elevated personal liability exposure requires specialized expertise. Most, if not all,
Designing with the Next Generation in Mind
AMDG Architects
For multi-generational families, designing the right second home is often a series of "both/and" propositions. A home needs to be both a reflection of self, while also foreseeing the needs
5 Critical First Steps to Building the Perfect Second Home
AMDG Architects
As with any important undertaking, the first steps are critical. Nowhere is this truer than when building a second home. Failing to make the right moves early often spells disaster. You can avoid the
Are You Getting Independent and Objective Investment Advice?
In practice it can be challenging to find an advisor who is truly independent and has your best interest at heart. A good starting point when considering a potential advisor is to check if that 
Top Ten Dysfunctions of Working with Financial Service Providers and How to Address Them
JOYN Advisors
Finding professional service providers—including lawyers and certified accountants—can be difficult. Challenges include working with excessive complexity, conflicts of interest, and
SFO by Design: Equipping the Family Office to Meet Changing Demands
A family office is structured by default rather than by design. In most cases, it is set up to serve the immediate needs of the founder and a limited number of family members. As the family grows,
CIOs as Trusted Business Partners, 2019 CIO Survey
Grant Thornton
As the realities of digital change, evolve, and grow, the CIO position has become more critical. The CIO as “IT operator” is a construct of the past. The role has evolved to include
2019 Guide to Tax and Wealth Planning
PwC Private Company Services
Managing wealth can be complex as policies and tax laws change. Employing financial, legal, and tax professionals can help, but each family should be vigilant in understanding and evaluating their