Don't Respond to Short-Term Volatility with Long-Term Portfolio Changes
April is setting up to be a transformational month for understanding how the global economy and financial markets will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the world. Investor’s patience
The Complex Relationship Between Inflation and Asset Prices
Cambridge Associates
It is easy to be cautious about the future when COVID-19 is spreading across much of the world, undercutting economic activity. Many governments are working to offset this loss with monetary and
Durable Investment Structure Provides Opportunities for CEF Investors
Born out of the hard lessons learned from early 20th-century market crashes and the First World War, the concept of a diversified investment fund was formalized under the Securities Act of 1933 and
Using Tax Alpha to Measure Tax Efficiency
Tax alpha is a measurement of tax efficiency that attempts to isolate the value of active tax management by comparing a manager versus a passive benchmark. This metric is preferred over alternative
Benchmarking After-Tax Performance
Taxable investors are right to be concerned with measuring performance on an after-tax basis. However, to put after-tax performance in perspective requires a benchmark, just as pretax performance
Podcast: Putting Market Volatility in Context for Family Offices
Boston Private
With unprecedented health concerns and economic uncertainty at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Edward Marshall sat down with Richard Perez, to provide guidance on how to put these events into
A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Tax-Loss Harvesting During the Downturn
Some advisors are clamoring for managers to harvest any and all available tax losses in their clients’ accounts. But harvesting all the losses in a portfolio creates risk—risk that can
Muni Credit and COVID-19: The Current State of Municipal Credits Under Pandemic
Can the municipal bond market overcome a liquidity shortage triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic? Find out which sectors carry the most risk of leading to a credit crisis.
Four Ways to Navigate Market Volatility
It’s easy to say that a calm and long-term approach to market volatility is the best one—but it’s not always easy to take that approach. Now is a good time to reflect on steps to
Muni Credit and COVID-19: The Long-Term Impact of Municipalities Under Pandemic
Will the municipal bond market survive unprecedented economic downturn amid a growing pandemic? Find out why muni credit ratings aren’t indicative of long-term creditworthiness.