The Emerging Art Collector Checklist
HUB International Personal Insurance
Like any other objective, acquiring art is a goal that needs careful planning. Particularly within Canada, whose burgeoning art scene is bringing new collectors into galleries and online auctions.
CIO Insights 2022 Outlook: No Quick Fixes
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management
2022 should be viewed as a transition year as the global economic and investment environment evolves in search of a new reality. Inflation and central banks will be in focus, along with other shifts
2022 Market Outlook
Asset Consulting Group
Last year was another challenging and disruptive year for public health and global trade. Despite pandemic-driven dislocations, supportive government policies propelled most economies and “risk
Revisiting Private Equity Manager Selection
Asset Consulting Group
Manager selection is a critical component of success in any asset class, but particularly in private equity, where manager return dispersion is meaningfully wider than in public markets. Over time,
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
Asset Consulting Group
Blockchain is a decentralized database that securely stores information and distributes it across a shared network of computers. Currently, the primary use and application of blockchain is to
Elevated Inflation: Transitory or Taken Root?
Asset Consulting Group
Inflation has consistently been described as “transitory” over the past several months, most notably by the Fed. This is a sentiment echoed by many other analysts, who point to pandemic-
Applying Tax-Loss Harvesting to a Fixed Income SMA
Just as online shopping gives consumers access to the best Black Friday deals without the need to awaken before dawn, systematic tax-loss harvesting enables investors to realize the best
Disruptive Philanthropists
The way individuals are approaching philanthropy has evolved in recent years, with philanthropists taking the very best of the corporate world and adding more rigor and measurement to how they give
2021 Crypto Market: Year in Review
The blockchain/crypto space continues to evolve at a blistering pace, with bitcoin reaching an all-time high of $65k in mid-April up from its $29k price at the beginning of 2021. The growth was
Bitcoin and Crypto Hype: Is it Real?
Gresham Partners
The crypto landscape is constantly shifting and blockchain’s real value is almost impossible to assess. Despite the skepticism and confusion, this might be one of the most intriguing social and