Unveiling the Top Areas of Venture Capital Investment in 2023
Foley & Lardner
While there has been an ongoing slowdown in venture capital funding for startups, the slowdown appears to be leveling and suggesting that the market may be normalizing. Furthermore, investors are
The Real Economy: Economic Headwinds and the Middle Market
Consumer spending, bolstered by trillions in excess savings built up during the pandemic, has been a pillar of the American economy as it has recovered in recent years. But there are signs that this
Determining the Right Price: A Wealth Management Cost Framework for Families
Cambridge Associates
For families with substantial diversified portfolio investments, costs are an important consideration when devising an overall wealth management strategy. While there are a range of cost estimates
Gender Equity Investing in Active Management: A Broadening Approach
Gender equity investing seeks to invest for financial return while promoting gender diversity throughout the workplace. Though most public market strategies have remained focused on “women in
US Banking System and The Economy: Are Things Getting Better or Worse?
Asset Consulting Group
Bank failures, tighter monetary policy, and rising fear of a “hard landing” have heightened economic uncertainty. Despite these challenges, inflation is subsiding, consumer spending is
Investment Perspective: Approaching Stall Speed
Northern Trust
While banking stress has largely subsided after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, there’s expectations of uneven trajectories of economic growth and inflation that will continue to drive
The Real Economy: How the Turmoil in Banking is Affecting the Middle Market
In this issue of The Real Economy, the spotlight is on the turmoil in the financial sector and how it is affecting the nation’s small and midsize banks. Other issues reviewed include how the
Inflationary Vortex: The Gravitational Pull of Labor, China, and Energy
Wilmington Trust
The inflationary vortex has been the result of several forces—some unforeseen or unforeseeable—spiraling upward. In this year’s forecast, the focus is on the three catalysts that
The Banking Crisis Changes the View in Private Markets
The closures of Silvergate, Signature, and Silicon Valley Banks may have shaken the private equity marketplace, but that doesn't mean private markets aren't still attractive opportunities for
Why Diversification in Your Portfolio Still Matters
Baker Tilly
In this uncertain environment, it is critical for investors to know what they own, have a strategy within their portfolio, and are diversified in their holdings. Most importantly, they should take