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2019 Guide to Tax and Wealth Planning
PwC Private Company Services
Managing wealth can be particularly complex as policies and tax laws change. Employing financial, legal, and tax professionals can help, but each family should be vigilant in understanding and
2019 FOX Foresight – What's on the Minds of Members
Family Office Exchange
FOX Foresight keeps members up to date on the latest thinking on matters that affect enterprise families. It summarizes what we have been learning from our members and our subject matter experts
Employers Face an Increase in Class Action Lawsuits Based on Pre-Employment Background Checks
John C. Dunn, Koley Jessen P.C.
An increasing problem facing employers is the threat of class action lawsuits related to their use of background checks. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that employers are violating a federal
3 Trends in 2019 Every Wealthy Family Should Know About
When it comes to the family, dynamics are changing. There is no longer one dominant family form in the U.S., according to Pew research. Parents are waiting longer to have children, and many
Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting
SEI Archway
With a seemingly infinite amount of performance data points and varying degrees of investor knowledge among stakeholders, it can be difficult to determine the reporting requirements for each group.
Internet Security for Family Offices: 10 Steps to Protect Online Information
SEI Archway
The Internet has bought connection, communication, and efficiency to the business world, including famiy offices. However, conducting business online without proper security and knowledge of risks
Cybersecurity Compliance Does Not Equal Security
The reality today is many companies have relied too much on conducting just a cybersecurity compliance checklist assessment and framework. While compliance with government and industry documentation
Innovations in Private Wealth Technology & Reporting
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The enterprise-wide accounting and finance platforms that other industries employ have not historically satisfied the unique information and reporting requirements of private wealth management firms
Aligning Your People Strategy with Your Business Strategy
Your organization’s people strategy should align with your business strategy, and every people-related initiative should result in something that your customers value. Knowing how to find the
2018 Study of Board Compensation Practices of 600 Mid-Market Public Companies
As board responsibilities continue to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of strategic planning and general risk management, director pay levels are increasing. At the same time, scrutiny around