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Human Cyber Risk—The First Line of Defense
AIG Private Client Group
Essays and articles about cyber risk often refer to human error as a major driver of cyber incidents and the financial losses arising from them. But what is human error and how are human traits and
The War on Retirement Plan Fees: Is Anyone Safe?
Chubb Personal Risk Services
Even the most well-run, retirement plans can be the target of an excessive fee claim, which can cost millions of dollars to defend and/or settle. With the surge in litigation on the plan fees, it
Beyond COVID-19: Vaccines and the Workplace, Understanding Employment Law and Vaccines
HUB International Personal Insurance
As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes a larger part of the national conversation, employers will need to assess and/or develop a vaccination policy and plan. Employer-driven vaccination programs require a
Recalibrating Your Employee Compensation Strategy and Open Enrollment Compliance Checklist
HUB International Personal Insurance
Work is evolving in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, organizations need to recalibrate their compensation approach to ensure program goals and objectives align with this new reality.
2020 Year-End Year-Round Tax Planning Guide
Year-end tax planning is always challenging, but the coronavirus pandemic has added a whole new layer of complexity to the equation for individuals, families, and businesses across the nation. The
How Family Offices Are Coping in a Dramatic 2020
A combination of health, economic, and financial challenges has created a higher level of uncertainty than ever before—worse even than the 2008 global downturn. However, COVID-19 has created a
Executive Year-End Tax Planning: Your Questions Answered
Northern Trust
Year-end planning presents abundant opportunity to consider and optimize tax strategies. For the executives who have faced tremendous demand to lead companies through dynamic shifts during a year of
Cybersecurity for Family Offices Begins with Awareness
Over the last five years, cyberattacks have moved away from targeting millions of dollars in a single attack to targeting transactions of $100,000 or less at smaller organizations. With limited
Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021
PwC Private Company Services
Just decades after coming out from under IT’s wing, the cybersecurity profession has matured. Armed with the insight and foresight that only experience and wisdom can provide, cyber stands at a
2020 Election Preview: Family Offices
As the nation continues to battle the devastating effects of COVID-19, a number of family offices have taken a greater interest in reviewing or creating various wealth succession plans, with tax and