Family Office Best Practices


How to Collaborate Effectively When Your Team is Remote
If remote management of people is done well, it can be a game-changer. BPM’s HR Consulting Partner Jill Pappenheimer brings 30 years of experience and offers a spectrum of things to think about
Back to Business Playbook: Compliance and Risk Management Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic
HUB International Personal Insurance
The COVID-19 pandemic challenges all aspects of work. For businesses attempting to return to work, there are many new liability risks and employer obligations to consider. How an employer
Anti-Fraud Playbook: The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Grant Thornton
Organizations lose 5% of annual revenue to fraud. It’s an ongoing challenge to combat the pervasive problem, but this playbook of best practices and leading guidance will help you fight back
Post-Pandemic Accounting Implications, Including Recognition of Expense and More
Organizations of all sizes have been in survival mode since the beginning of 2020 to get through the pandemic and the economic downturn that followed. But now, as the world moves towards recovery and
The Future of the Family and the Family Office
Sara Hamilton
We can’t explore the future of the family office without first exploring the future of the family in a post-pandemic world. The next decade of innovation and disruption will increase the
Enterprise Risk Management: a Guidebook
Plante Moran
Regardless of industry or structure, all organizations must be proactive to stay ahead of potential risks and unforeseen threats like a pandemic or economic downturn. Implementing an Enterprise Risk
Briefings Magazine: Reading the Future
Korn Ferry
For leaders and organizations, it has been hard to make the right moves amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But during any time of crisis, it's people who are the ultimate differentiator. In this
Cyber Checklist: Keep These Best Practices at Your Fingertips
USI Insurance Services
The ability to perform financial transactions online offers tremendous convenience, but also exposes assets to theft and cyber fraud. In addition, the internet of things (IOT) which connects home
Employee Work from Home Guide and Telecommuting Policy
USI Insurance Services
In the age of COVID-19 and when more and more positions require duties to be carried out almost exclusively on computers, many employers are offering the option of working from home. This guide
IRS Issues FFCRA W-2 Reporting Guidance
USI Insurance Services
For employers with less than 500 employees who provided benefits under the leave program of Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), a separate line of identification and reporting is