Enterprise Families


Sustaining Wealth Through a Well Defined Shared Family Capital Strategy
It is not uncommon for enterprising families to end up making sub-optimal capital allocation decisions due to limited visibility into, and planning around, the entirety of their shared family assets
Get Continuity Right in Your Family Enterprise
As enterprising families expand across generations, they often stray from their entrepreneurial wealth creation roots to a more risk-averse wealth-protection mode. However, if maintaining shared
Legal Document Checklist for Children Heading to College
Gresham Partners
Generally, parents lose access to their child’s health and financial information once the child becomes a legal adult at the age of 18 unless certain steps are taken. To
Redefining Success: Placing Flourishing First in the Family Wealth Industry
The Grupp Law Firm
In moving past the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” adage, advisors in the family wealth space are emphasizing the importance of the family’s qualitative capitals
Shared Ownership of Family Cottages, Part One: Does It Make Sense to Pass the Cottage to Future Generations
Warner Norcross + Judd
When families gather at their cottages or vacation properties, the senior generation might think how nice it would be for these multi-generational gatherings to continue after they
Why the Modern Family Office Matters
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
Wealthy families have a significant positive socio-economic impact around the world, but lasting impact depends on those families prospering for generations. This is not guaranteed, however, and more
The Family Office Industry Supports the Evolving Family Enterprise
The dramatic growth of the family office industry in the 1980s was sparked by new liquidity running through hundreds of business-owning families. In an effort to preserve and expand their wealth,
Mission Statements for Families of Wealth: Identify the Values and Reap the Reward
At its core, a mission statement serves as a compass, continually steering an organization or business toward their goals. For the families who undertake the process of creating a mission statement,
2023 FOX Foresight - It Can Be Done: Six Case Studies from Champion Global Enterprise Families
FOX Foresight keeps you up to date on our latest thinking about matters affecting families, family offices, and their advisors. It gives you our forward look on what we're learning from our
Wealth 3.0 in Practice: Harnessing the Power of Positive Attention
Dr. James Grubman, Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe, and Kristin Keffeler
With the shift moving away from a fear-based approach to a more positive paradigm, Wealth 3.0 presents the way forward in the wealth advising community. In practice, Wealth 3.0 empowers family