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ESG Strategy Can Sustain the Family Legacy
Family enterprises benefit from long-term strategic plans that incorporate ESG to help ensure sustainable wealth transitions across generations and drive meaningful results from impact-focused
Successful Integration of Newcomers in the Family Enterprise
In this webcast, join host Joline Godfrey, Managing Director of Family Learning & Programming for the Hawthorn Institute for Family Success, in a conversation on the hazards and opportunities of
Technology: Springboard to the Family Office of the Future
BIll Sullivan
Leading up to 2020, family office technologies made significant improvements with expanded offerings and new entrants. But history has shown nothing is a more effective change accelerator than a
Session Replay: FOX Member Exchange - Adopting Work-From-Home for the Long Term, September 1, 2020
A live, interactive, discussion with FOX members on Adopting Work-From-Home for the Long Term. During this virtual event, members shared ideas, questions, and solutions for operating in the months
Session Replay: FOX Member Exchange - Strategic Planning in a Time of Uncertainty - July 21, 2020
An interactive discussion with FOX members on Strategic Planning in a Time of Uncertainty. During this virtual  event, members will be able to share ideas, questions, and solutions for operating
What Will the Future Hold for Your Family?
Sara Hamilton
During these uncertain times, FOX wants to assist family leaders to better understand how the crisis events of 2020 are affecting family members. It is clear recent events will impact our society,
Family Office Security and Privacy Risk Management
Secure Source and Tridense
For prominent and wealthy families, personal security and safety have always been a top concern. But too often, addressing family security comes after a triggering event. Having a proactive plan that
Powerful Trust Planning Opportunities After Tax Reform for 2020 and Beyond
South Dakota Trust Company
Estate planners and advisors will need to contemplate the political climate in an election year, particularly given certain political opposition to the extensive changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs
Key Provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020
Gresham Partners
The COVID-19 crisis continues to disrupt everyday life. In response, the CARES Act of 2020 was signed into law in the U.S. to provide some relief. A summary of the key provisions in the CARES Act for
The CARES Act: Provisions that Affect Individuals and Families
Hemenway & Barnes
The CARES Act was signed into law on March 27, 2020. The Act provides relief to individuals and families in the form of direct payments, relaxed restrictions on retirement accounts and new guidelines