Tax and Estate Planning


Tax Strategies for Family Offices with Distressed Assets
As family offices evaluate their assets during the economic downturn, examining deductions and estate and trust planning can help form better strategies and objectives. In this Q&A
Riding the Tax Law Wave: Planning Strategies in a Sea of Change
Wilmington Trust
Nearing the end of the year is an important time to consider any tax planning opportunities that may be available to you before ringing in the new year. This year in particular there are several tax
The 2020 Tax Planning Paradox: Accelerate Income to Lower Your Total Tax Liability
It’s time to consider year-end planning for a year that has been an unusual one, with taxpayers experiencing losses due to the economic downturn and the possibility of higher income tax rates
Incomplete Non-Grantor Trusts: An Effective Tax Planning Strategy
For high-net-worth individuals, establishing an incomplete non-grantor (ING) trust is a useful planning tool that provides income tax benefits to grantors residing in states with high state income
Entering Private Airspace: Options for Taking Flight
Before purchasing or leasing an aircraft, it is best to understand what options are available and how these options can be tailored to fit specific needs. Aircraft ownership comes with enormous cost
Election 2020: Will Estate Planning Ever Be the Same?
Schiff Hardin
New tax legislation is most likely to happen if next year the Democratic Party controls the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House. Now is the time to develop a contingency plan
Family Wealth Planning in a Time of Uncertainty
Planning for future generations is the greatest gift family businesses can give, particularly during times of uncertainty. Transferring assets while they have a low value is a technique that is used
Domicile vs. Residency: Considerations When Making the Change
Domicile determines a taxpayer’s home state for income tax purposes. While proof of residency can be as simple as getting a driver’s license from the new state, proof of domicile can be
Tax-Managed SMAs: Better Than ETFs?
Despite the popularity of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), there are structural issues that make them less than ideal for many high-net-worth investors. A tax-managed separately managed account (SMA)
Biden v. Trump: Tax Planning in Uncertain Times
Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes at Moneta
As a clearer picture of each U.S. presidential candidate’s platforms emerges, many have yet to consider how a potential change in leadership may impact their current estate tax and income tax.