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The Top Cryptocurrency Tax Topics Affecting Digital Assets
The digital assets world continues to change every year, as the industry begins to go through the maturation phase. The remainder of 2020 and next year will bring new challenges, as well as new
Baird Digest: Planning in the Age of COVID-19
The coronavirus pandemic turned the markets—and our daily routines—upside-down, with much of the world struggling to adjust to a COVID-19 environment. Here are some ways, including tax
Post-Pandemic Accounting Implications, Including Recognition of Expense and More
Organizations of all sizes have been in survival mode since the beginning of 2020 to get through the pandemic and the economic downturn that followed. But now, as the world moves towards recovery and
Jurisdiction Comparison for Wealth Transfer Planning
Willow Street Group
In the current environment, many families are reevaluating and modifying their fiduciary structures. To assist in these discussions, a reference summary of state laws is provided to help families
Improving Tax Management of Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts
In light of the current economic downturn and renewed possibility of rising tax rates, there has been a noted increase in the use of grantor-retained annuity trusts (GRATs). Although this type of
Planning for the Sale of Art
The Erskine Company
Whether the sale of your artwork is a remote contingency or it is an immediate need, planning for it will help you and your fiduciaries anticipate the possible risks and opportunities that lie ahead
IRS Issues FFCRA W-2 Reporting Guidance
USI Insurance Services
For employers with less than 500 employees who provided benefits under the leave program of Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), a separate line of identification and reporting is
Prepare for the Tax Hit from Mutual Fund Gain Distributions
The treatment of capital gains and taxes become a little more complicated when considering a mutual fund investment. There are two scenarios where a mutual fund investor may end up paying more in
A Taxing Dilemma: An Analysis of Liquidating ETFs in Favor of SMAs
As an alternative to ETFs, investors are seeing the value of investing in separately managed accounts (SMAs), which offer diversified, index-like, and customizable exposure. However, what does it
Do Market Losses Make Now a Good Time for Portfolio Changes?
Can a pandemic-induced market downturn become an opportunity for investors looking to modify their portfolios? Learn how constructive changes, including going from ETFs to tax-managed SMAs, can