Cyber Attacks on Private Wealth Clients and Family Offices and Steps for Mitigating Your Risks


Cybercriminals have migrated their attacks from larger businesses and hardened targets to private wealth clients and family offices, where the defenses are low or non-existent. In this webcast, hear from Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO of BLACKCLOAK, a Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Protection Platform that represents private wealth and family offices in their digital lives. Chris will discuss the top five threats that are facing private wealth/family office clients, the controls or defenses that can mitigate these, and how to protect your privacy. 

Joining Chris will be Foley attorney Jennifer Urban, one of the founders of the Midwest Cyber Security Alliance. Specifically, they will cover: 

  • Your Privacy - risks of personal information, unemployment fraud, false loan applications
  • Your Cybersecurity - risks to all of your devices
  • Your Home - risks of an unsecure home and how you know
  • Your Peace of Mind - other attacks, scam, and phishing

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