Digital Assets: Top Trends for 2022


It's no secret that cryptocurrency markets and the larger digital assets economy have been roiled by recent instability, resulting in discussions about how regulatory initiatives, rising inflationary pressure, and public adoption trends will affect industry participants long term. To help navigate this challenging environment, a collection of relevant thought leadership is provided as a single publication designed to inform and guide your decision-making. This collection includes articles, white papers, and checklists on the following topics:

  • DeFi World Has a New Star Called DAO
  • The Law of Tokenomics, Revisited
  • Tax Considerations for Transactions of Non-Fungible Tokens
  • The Varying Federal, State, and Local Attitudes on Crypto
  • What GCs Exploring NFT, Web3 Opportunities Need to Know
  • POTUS Issues Executive Order Directing Study of Digital Assets
  • SEC Adds Twenty New Crypto Asset Enforcers
  • A Checklist of Legal Considerations For The NFT Marketplace
  • DeFi and the DAO: How the Law Needs to Change to Accommodate Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • NFT Art - Your Top 40 Legal Questions Answered
  • Could the Crypto Downturn Lead to a Spike in M&A?
  • Investors Take Sink-or-Swim Approach to Struggling Crypto Startups

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