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The Six Most Contentious Parts of a Family Constitution
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
A family constitution—the rule book that defines the vision and principles of a family’s wealth strategy and acts as an operating model—should be as unique as the family itself. The
The State of the Art in Family Wealth Management
Family Office Exchange
The State of the Art in Family Wealth Management is a great resource for those who need to better understand what it means to be an “enterprise family” and understand how to work
Understanding the Trust
Sara Hamilton
This article by Sara Hamilton, Mariann Mihailidis and Teresa Bellock outlines the steps that can be taken to ensure all parties involved in a trust (grantors, trustees, beneficiaries and related
Developing a Long-Term View for the Family Wealth Strategy
Family Office Exchange
The goal of our latest FOX Thought Leaders Summit was to identify how families organize themselves for a longer-term perspective of their wealth and how they reinforce their goals with key
Best Practices for Leading Wealth Advisors
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With input from a number of private wealth industry leaders, FOX outlines 75 key practices that have made a difference for successful wealth advisors and multi-family offices over time. While not
50 Best Practices for an Enduring Family Enterprise
Family Office Exchange
The 50 Best Practices for an Enduring Family Enterprise are the practices that we believe have contributed to the multi-generational success of the highest achieving and most forward thinking
Wealth Management as a Second Family Business
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Many entrepreneurs who enjoyed the challenge of building a family business face the decision to sell the business with mixed feelings and a certain amount of trepidation. While liquidity has its
Family Office Services
Each family office’s menu of services is reflective of the goals and priorities of the family it serves. Some offices focus heavily on the investment process and rely on the expertise of a chief