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The HR Coaching Tree
Korn Ferry
Many organizations are realizing that HR executives’ mandate extends beyond figuring out the firm’s health insurance and writing the employee handbook. They are key to creating a positive
5 Best Practices of High Performing Finance Leaders
Sage Intacct
High performing CFOs in financial services organizations integrate data-driven decision-making activities across the entire company, changing the role of finance from back-room financial reporters
The Millennial Managers Have Arrived
Korn Ferry
In offices around the world Millennials are rapidly becoming managers and even senior executives. Some assistance from their employers could help, but at least right now, many organizations don
Owning Success: Six Choices That Empower Underrepresented Talent to Achieve
Korn Ferry
Organizations that want to develop or retain a competitive advantage should create a diverse and inclusive environment where all can thrive. This means addressing both the company-wide structural and
The Future of Work: The Talent Shift
Korn Ferry
A global talent crisis is looming. Leaders who do grasp the situation’s gravity still struggle to make talent a priority. Inaction is not an appropriate response to the talent crunch. While the
The Self-Disruptive Leader
Korn Ferry
Disruptive forces are driving the future of work. By analyzing the leadership profiles of 150,000 leaders, this study underlines the five key qualities of effective, future-focused leadership—
Phantom Stock
Korn Ferry
One of the biggest hurdles for family businesses is the need to develop an attractive long-term incentive plan that recognizes enterprise value over time and is competitive with plans offered by
From Business Owner to Wealth Owner: How to Manage Your Personal Wealth Like a Business
BMO Family Office
As a business owner, you wouldn’t operate without a clear vision and strategic plan. And you wouldn’t embark on a new initiative without first reviewing your cash flow and income
An Employee Leaves ... Now What?
Kevin E. Hyde, Foley & Lardner LLP
Whether an employee leaves for another job or because the employer decided it was time for the employee to go, employers typically need to figure out how to replace a departing worker. Sometimes, the
Preparing to Sell Your Business: How to Get Started With a Successful Exit Strategy
Jay Halverson, First Republic Private Wealth
If you are a business owner, one thing is certain: At some point, you will exit your company. In order to leave—on your terms and when the time is right—you should begin to design your