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Megatrends: The Future of Work
Technology is automating some tasks, but most jobs are not disappearing. They are evolving. Data shows that over the past two decades, the tasks that make up any one job have changed. Less time is
Cybersecurity Concerns and Vulnerabilities for Middle Market Businesses
The cybersecurity threat to the middle market is growing, but the organizations now in cybercriminals’ sights have only become more confident in current protections. Generally, companies have
From Wellness to Peak Performance
HUB International Personal Insurance
More organizations are rethinking their existing wellness programs to create a true culture of health that supports employees’ personal health goals while improving the performance of the
Six Strategies to Avoid Employment-Related Lawsuits
HUB International Personal Insurance
Businesses are more likely to face an employment practices liability (EPL) claim than one related to general liability or property loss. Litigating a single EPL lawsuit typically costs between $200,
Cyber Security Best Practices for Your Business
Gary Newton, Lutz
Cyber security is a subject that continues to make headlining news. Because every business is at risk of a cyberattack, it’s important to know what types of threats your business could be
Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Playing by the Book Doesn’t Mean You’re in the Clear
HUB International Personal Insurance
Defending an employment practices liability (EPL) claim can easily take a year’s time, consume large amounts of money and resources, and distract from normal business operations. But these
6 Helpful Steps to Transition to Outsourced IT
Neil Wardyn, Lutz
If you find your growing business suffering from a lack of support in the technology department, then your company may benefit from outsourcing IT. Some businesses struggle to find room in the budget
Benefit Plan Administration: Resources and Simple Tips for Prudent Decision-Making
Colleen E. Medill, Koley Jessen P.C.
In the course of administering an employee benefit plan, many decisions must be made. Whether those decisions are being made by an individual or a committee, the process for making the decision must
4 Cloud-Based Solutions That Can Help Improve Business Efficiency
Hanna Vasina, Lutz
Potential drains on business efficiency include groups of remote workers unable to communicate well with one another, tools that make it hard to adapt to changes or new needs quickly, and the
How Business Interruption Insurance Completes Your Business Insurance Puzzle
HUB International Personal Insurance
40% of small businesses close their doors following a disaster and never reopen. Natural and manmade disasters can stop your business operations in a flash. It’s best not to leave your