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2019 U.S. Family Business Survey: Creating Stronger Foundations for the Future
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The results of the U.S. Family Business Survey findings brought out the importance of being prepared to compete in a far more digital economy. Family businesses have built up trust among loyal
Employers Face an Increase in Class Action Lawsuits Based on Pre-Employment Background Checks
John C. Dunn, Koley Jessen P.C.
An increasing problem facing employers is the threat of class action lawsuits related to their use of background checks. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs claim that employers are violating a federal
22nd Global CEO Survey: CEOs' Curbed Confidence Spells Caution
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Last year, the 21st Global CEO Survey revealed record-breaking CEO optimism. This year, chief executives tell a different story that shows a record jump in pessimism. Trade conflicts, political upset
Cybersecurity Compliance Does Not Equal Security
The reality today is many companies have relied too much on conducting just a cybersecurity compliance checklist assessment and framework. While compliance with government and industry documentation
Aligning Your People Strategy with Your Business Strategy
Your organization’s people strategy should align with your business strategy, and every people-related initiative should result in something that your customers value. Knowing how to find the
Middle Market Business Index Eases Amid Pricing Pressures
While the headline index reading continues to indicate middle market conditions are robust, the forward-looking Middle Market Business Index (MMBI) subindices imply that inflationary pressures and a
2018 Study of Board Compensation Practices of 600 Mid-Market Public Companies
As board responsibilities continue to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of strategic planning and general risk management, director pay levels are increasing. At the same time, scrutiny around
Six AI Priorities you Can’t Afford to Ignore
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Most executives know that artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way they do business—and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy
The 9 Questions you Need to Ask to Take your Board from Good to Great
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Creating a truly effective board doesn’t happen by accident. From selecting the right people, to running crisp meetings, to fostering good working relationships with management and one another
2018 Legislative Changes: Year-End Guide on State Tax Matters
For companies doing business in multiple states, determining state tax responsibilities has always been a challenge. However, 2018 was a notably busy year. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) brought