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Sustainability & ESG: Tips to Governance and Disclosure
Cozen O'Connor
Sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) have become a top priority for many businesses and organizations of all sizes seeking to do their part to operate responsibly within the
State of Work in America
Grant Thornton
In the post-pandemic work environment, having an objective tally of employee wants and desires can be a valuable tool for companies to gauge what American employees really expect. In this survey of 1
Actions to Counteract Russian Cyber Retaliations
Red Five Security
Cyber-attacks at all levels are not a new phenomenon, nor do the Russians have a monopoly on them. While the Russia/Ukraine crisis is at the forefront, it won’t be the last global event that
2022 Middle Market CFO Outlook Survey
Through the lens of the middle market and 600 U.S. CFOs across six industries, this BDO survey research shows there is optimism on growth prospects in the year ahead while recognizing success will
Compensation Committee Priorities for 2022
Talent shortages continue to plague business leaders as priorities evolve at a rapid pace, making creative compensation packages more important than ever. To keep up with the shifting landscape,
Starting an Independent Business: How to Build on Your Family’s Entrepreneurial Legacy in Your Own Way
Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank
Growing up in a family business environment often rubs off on the younger generations, with some making the decision to start their own business instead of joining the family enterprise. Toward that
Who Are the Guardians of Family Legacy?
Enterprising families are acutely aware of the threats and opportunities that influence their sustainability. Through the data and insights gained from this report, we aim to deepen the collective
Making the Case for Digital Transformation
Baker Tilly
With the pace of change accelerating in today’s environment, it becomes critical for organizations to adapt and embrace a digital transformation that goes beyond implementing new tools and
Succession Stories: Lessons Learned from Former Family Office CEOs
Northern Trust
Every family’s succession journey is unique, and the change can feel uncomfortable. To help navigate that transition in leadership, 32 former family office CEOs offer their succession stories
Value-Focused Business Planning
As a business owner, you should always be working on your winning strategy for the successful exit from your business. With this critical element in mind, this e-book introduces the core concepts of