Family Businesses


Risky Business: Protecting Your Company Against Threats
Wilmington Trust
Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, leveraging their insight, hard work, and capital to create successful companies. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who become business owners don’t
Topography of Cyber Threats
Forward Systems, LLC
Recognize that a cyber attack will occur at some point during a business lifecycle. Whether it is through web attacks, email phishing, exploit kits, point of sale, keystroke logging, or ransomware,
Does Your Company Have the Right IT Strategy?
PwC Private Company Services
Just as every successful company has a well-conceived business plan, it should have an equally well-conceived information technology strategy. And the two should link directly with each other. At its
The Six Most Contentious Parts of a Family Constitution
Mutual Trust Pty Ltd.
A family constitution—the rule book that defines the vision and principles of a family’s wealth strategy and acts as an operating model—should be as unique as the family itself. The
Seven Succession Planning Questions Families Are Avoiding Like the Plague
Brad Simmons
Avoiding the issue of succession planning is much easier to do than starting a conversation about handing over the reins to other family members. But avoidance does not defer the inevitable, and it
An Open Letter to the Family Patriarch
Brad Simmons
As an entrepreneur and a leader, you have had to back yourself over and over again, often in the face of uncertainty or adversity. You have learned to trust your instinct. However, as you transition
Marie Tillman: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph
Northern Trust
Marie Tillman was thrust into the spotlight on April 22, 2004, when her husband, former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, was killed in a barrage of friendly fire in Afghanistan. Only a week
Modern Mobility: Moving Women With Purpose
PwC Private Company Services
To create a sustainable talent pipeline, employers must focus actively on attracting and retaining female talent. Greater gender diversity in leadership will not happen by accident—and to make
2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey: Building the Digital Enterprise
PwC Private Company Services
Behind the scenes of the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies, a profound digital transformation is now underway. While terms like the industrial internet or digital factory
The 2016 Global Entrepreneur Report: The Emergence of the "Millennipreneur"
Bank of the West
Under 35s are creating more companies, with higher headcount and greater profit ambitions. They show strong interest in the new economy, but not exclusively, and prefer diversification across their