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Marie Tillman: Turning Tragedy Into Triumph
Northern Trust
Marie Tillman was thrust into the spotlight on April 22, 2004, when her husband, former Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, was killed in a barrage of friendly fire in Afghanistan. Only a week
Modern Mobility: Moving Women With Purpose
PwC Private Company Services
To create a sustainable talent pipeline, employers must focus actively on attracting and retaining female talent. Greater gender diversity in leadership will not happen by accident—and to make
2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey: Building the Digital Enterprise
PwC Private Company Services
Behind the scenes of the world’s leading industrial and manufacturing companies, a profound digital transformation is now underway. While terms like the industrial internet or digital factory
The 2016 Global Entrepreneur Report: The Emergence of the "Millennipreneur"
Bank of the West
Under 35s are creating more companies, with higher headcount and greater profit ambitions. They show strong interest in the new economy, but not exclusively, and prefer diversification across their
Next Generation Survey 2016: The Female Perspective
PwC Private Company Services
The female next gens have ambition and talent, and they’re prepared to work hard to prove they deserve their seats on the family board. The family firm could actually be one of the most
Smooth Transitions: Three Steps for Wholesaler Succession
Bank of the West
Over the next 15 years, the youngest of America’s Baby Boomers will turn 65, and waves of small business owners across the country will get ready to cash out. Sales of Boomer-owned small
Great Expectations: The Next Generation of Family Business Leaders
PwC Private Company Services
In previous studies we've talked about the critical success factors for family businesses: the 3 'S's: skills, scale and succession. These are as relevant for the next gen to be
Using Letters of Intent in Commercial Real Estate Negotiations
Stephen J. Siegel
Before executing a commercial property lease or sales contract, the parties may prepare a letter of intent or an agreement in principle. The letter of intent or a similar document (the “LOIs
2016 FOX Global Investment Survey
Family Office Exchange
This annual FOX survey of investor attitudes and behaviors provides readers with peer perspective from 80 family offices on a wide range of topics including – Economic Outlook and Investment
Email Compromise Scams—Wire Transfer Fraud
HUB International Personal Insurance
Each year fraudsters are stealing millions of dollars through sophisticated fraudulent use of Email Compromise Scams targeted at individuals and employees who regularly perform wire transfers. The