Family Office Best Practices


Crisis Communication: Five Steps to Help Your Business Manage the COVID-19 Impact
Plante Moran
COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, has caused unprecedented global disruption. Keeping your stakeholders informed with clear, consistent messaging is essential for risk mitigation, so be sure
Model Coronavirus Response Plan
Cozen O'Connor
When developing a model coronavirus response plan, there are three areas family businesses and family offices should consider. In addition, it is important to have an FAQ communication for
Navigating the Black Swan
BKS Partners
The current COVID-19 crisis is a true black swan event that has arrived with great velocity and far reaching consequences.  In hindsight, risk managers and thought leaders have been warning of
Equally Robust: Virtual vs. In-Person Simulation Assessments
Korn Ferry
Social distancing drives a great need for virtual work, including in the area of assessments. Until the advent of technology that enabled remote simulations, in-person leadership simulation
Leadership in an Outbreak
Korn Ferry
What started as a China-specific issue is spreading fast across the globe for one business after another. One estimate says organizations may lose up to $1.1 trillion before the COVID-19 tragedy
Secure Your Assets
Korn Ferry
Investors are more concerned and educated about cybersecurity than ever before. With more money and competition all around, asset management firms are increasing their focus on cybersecurity to meet
For Family Offices, COVID-19 Presents a New Challenge, and Opportunity
As the human and economic toll of the coronavirus mounts, no sector of the economy has been immune from the downturn, and this includes family offices. Depending on the size and scope of the family
5 Ways to Create a Better Home Technology
AMDG Architects
Technology is a growing part of everyday life. It’s hard to imagine going even a day without it. However, creating a home in which technology serves the homeowner, and not the other way around
Managing Contractual Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis: Force Majeure Clauses and Other Approaches
Hemenway & Barnes
This is not “business as usual.” Organizations of all sizes and spanning virtually every industry are being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 global health crisis. As you assess the short
Create a Culture of Safety and Respect
HUB International Personal Insurance
When toxic workplace behaviors go unchecked, they can put your organization and employees at risk. With the right training, prevention, and intervention programs, you can give your employees the