Family Office Best Practices


Attorney-Client Privilege in Illinois Ownership Disputes: Protecting Privileged Documents
Schiff Hardin
Those with ownership stakes in privately held businesses, partnerships, or family offices need to closely collaborate with and trust others. But when there is a disagreement or dispute, it can create
Attorney-Client Privilege in Ownership Disputes: Illinois Corporations and Other Jurisdictions
Schiff Hardin
Solving disputes among business partners and owners in a privately held business can quickly become complicated matters that end up calling for access to an LLC or corporation’s privileged
Reopening and Readjusting: Preparing for a Diagnosis or Resurgence in the Coming Months
Schiff Hardin
Many companies were caught off-guard in the spring when diagnoses of COVID-19 multiplied rapidly and forced businesses to close or drastically change their policies with little warning. Now companies
Reopening and Readjusting: Communicating COVID-19 Policies to All Stakeholders
Schiff Hardin
There are policy changes and new procedures that companies—including family offices—should consider when reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly given the increase in cases in
Entering Private Airspace: Options for Taking Flight
Before purchasing or leasing an aircraft, it is best to understand what options are available and how these options can be tailored to fit specific needs. Aircraft ownership comes with enormous cost
Family Wealth Planning in a Time of Uncertainty
Planning for future generations is the greatest gift family businesses can give, particularly during times of uncertainty. Transferring assets while they have a low value is a technique that is used
Reopening and Readjusting: What Businesses Should Be Thinking About
Schiff Hardin
Business closures have been immensely difficult for companies of all sizes during the COVID-19 pandemic. But reopening is proving difficult, too, especially given the ever-changing nature of the
Biden v. Trump: Tax Planning in Uncertain Times
Compardo, Wienstroer, Conrad & Janes at Moneta
As a clearer picture of each U.S. presidential candidate’s platforms emerges, many have yet to consider how a potential change in leadership may impact their current estate tax and income tax.
Building a Technology Eco-System That is Fully Optimized for Your Family Office
Family offices have gone through a number of transformative changes, with COVID accelerating the impact of technology on every level. In this webcast, learn how family offices can take a holistic
How Family Offices Conquer Challenges, Seize Opportunities and Sustain Success
Layered beneath the difficulties of adapting to the challenges of the COVID environment, there are opportunities for family offices to capitalize on growth that line the path to sustained success. In