Family Office Best Practices


Talent Development for the Family Office
Talent development is an opportunity and challenge for any business, but the distinctiveness of a family office presents flexibility and greater challenge. In this webinar we explored:Why talent
Demystifying Risk Management for Family Offices
Boston Private
As family offices grow increasingly complex and manage larger and more varied assets, they are becoming prime targets for a variety of security threats. The traditionally low-profile and discreet
6 Best Practices for Fraud Prevention
HUB International Personal Insurance
Theft and fraud are a problem for businesses of every industry and size. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to be proactive. Here are six best practices for fraud prevention. With a
Planning for Family Real Estate
A cherished beach house, lakeside cottage, mountain retreat, ranch, or other vacation property can foster deep emotional ties for families, creating unique opportunities and challenges over multiple
Top 10 Internal Controls to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks in the Family Office
Even the worst cyberattacks have very simple origins: attack vectors. Currently, 92 percent of malware is delivered via email; however, because the types of entry points continue to evolve, many will
Overtime Rule: What You Need to Know
HUB International Personal Insurance
In this webcast, learn about the new overtime rule that went into effect on January 1st, 2020. The training focuses on understanding what the new overtime rule is, its history, the implications
Family Office Risks: Managing the Impact of Change
Marsh Private Client Services
The complex, convergent nature of risks facing high-net-worth families requires family offices to adopt a different approach to risk management than many have in the past. A holistic approach, using
Family Office Best Practices
Through the privilege of partnering with many successful and high-functioning family offices, we outline some of the best practices of family offices. The recommendations are based on discussions and
Why is the Family Office Model Becoming More Prevalent?
PwC Private Company Services
Dr. Alexander Koeberle-Schmid, family business expert at PwC, has helped more than 100 entrepreneurial families from around the world navigate the complexities of communal investing. In this episode
How to Navigate the Skilled Talent Crisis
Korn Ferry
It is often heard that 'good talent' is hard to find. But what constitutes a good talent? And where are companies going to find the talent they need when the gap between worker supply and