Family Office Best Practices


Considerations for Everyday Situations: Checklist of Cybersecurity Best Practices
Tony Gebely
No one is immune from cybersecurity threats. And responsibility for protecting your data doesn’t rest with one person or provider. So it’s essential every organization follows at least some basic
Tax Strategies for Family Offices with Distressed Assets
As family offices evaluate their assets during the economic downturn, examining deductions and estate and trust planning can help form better strategies and objectives. In this Q&A
The Emergence of the Virtual Family Office
COVID-19 has forced organizations of all kinds to consider what the future of their operations would look like in a post COVID-19 world. Family offices were no exception. Rapidly fading are the days
Surveying the Risk and Threat Landscape to Family Offices: Insights and Recommendations
Boston Private
The key to success of any risk management plan is the development of an “all risk” approach that takes the entire family enterprise into account. Through a survey of more than 200 family
How to Plan for Succession: Preserving, Protecting, and Passing on Wealth
The decisions made regarding ownership of the family office or closely-held business may not necessarily be the same decisions that are required for leadership and management. It’s critical to
Combating Technology Challenges Within Your Family Office
The rising criticality of information security at every level has made security a core necessity for most organizations, with many companies concerned about the risks related to a remote workforce.
Attorney-Client Privilege in Ownership Disputes: Illinois Corporations and Other Jurisdictions
Schiff Hardin
Solving disputes among business partners and owners in a privately held business can quickly become complicated matters that end up calling for access to an LLC or corporation’s privileged
Attorney-Client Privilege in Illinois Ownership Disputes: Accessing Privileged Documents
Schiff Hardin
Business divorces are often messy. The reasons vary—personality-driven disputes, disagreements over business direction, or timing and distribution of earnings. When majority owners seek advice
Attorney-Client Privilege in Illinois Ownership Disputes: Protecting Privileged Documents
Schiff Hardin
Those with ownership stakes in privately held businesses, partnerships, or family offices need to closely collaborate with and trust others. But when there is a disagreement or dispute, it can create
Reopening and Readjusting: Preparing for a Diagnosis or Resurgence in the Coming Months
Schiff Hardin
Many companies were caught off-guard in the spring when diagnoses of COVID-19 multiplied rapidly and forced businesses to close or drastically change their policies with little warning. Now companies