Family Office Best Practices


Highlights from the FOX Global Family Office Study 2011
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This report is an overview of the  2011 Family Office Exchange Global BenchmarkingTM Survey. FOX traditionally conducts this survey every third year and participation is strictly limited to
Getting the Job Done: Services in the Family Office
Providing wealth management services via a single family office takes on many forms from investment oversight to educating the next generation. On this webinar, FOX consultants discuss evaluating
Application of Best Practices: Insight From Two Family Office Executives
Two family office executives. Similar mindsets. Different demographics. Different circumstances. Join this webinar to hear two family office executives articulate how they run the family office like
The Cost of Complexity: Understanding Family Office Costs
Family Office Exchange
The number one driver of single family office costs is complexity, including the scope of services offered, size of the family, and entities served by the office.  This study examines the three
Drain or Sustain: Effective Governance and Family Sustainability Strategies for the Enterprising Family
Enterprising families have obviously been successful at building wealth, but they often falter when it comes to building human, social and intellectual capital. Join us for this program to learn
FOX Briefing: 2012 Salary Increases and Bonuses
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Containing costs and motivating key employees is a difficult balancing act. Keeping employees motivated can be especially challenging when family office executives are unable to offer the level
Benefit Survey Highlights
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Benefits are a perennial concern for FOX members, but increasing medical costs have caused many offices to revisit their plans and look for perspective when it comes to their cost. As a result, in
Explore the Options: SEC Compliance and Family Offices
The question isn’t: Will your family office have to restructure to comply with the Investment Advisers Act by July 21, 2011 (or after a short extension)? The question is: How extensively will your
Special Teleconference on SEC Family Office Ruling
The SEC issued its final rule that defines family offices. The rule defines the requirements for a family office to be excluded from registration under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. This rule
The Cost of Complexity: Understanding Family Office Costs
The cost of the family office is an important aspect in the long term sustainability of wealth, although it’s not always well understood by family members. This webinar makes a compelling case for