Giving Across Generations: How to Engage Multiple Generations in Family Philanthropy


Many families talk about their desire to engage the next generation in family philanthropy and struggle with determining the right time to involve the next generation and how best to prepare them for their role with the family’s charitable giving. Some also struggle with how to approach encouraging or allowing the older generation to step aside. This session explored promising practices for engaging multiple generations in family giving, including early training in family legacy, the importance of education regarding family wealth, understanding of nonprofits and social issues, and financial management and investment oversight.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • Answers to key questions and understanding of the challenges facing families in integrating multiple generations in to charitable giving
  • Ideas for advisors on how to launch a family engagement effort tailored to an individual family’s needs
  • Tools for evaluating the success or failure of a particular program

Date Published: Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Nancy Gardiner, Partner, Director of Family Office and Philanthropy Services and Gioia Perugini, Associate Director, Family Office and Philanthropy Services – Hemenway & Barnes LLP

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