The Global Risks Report 2023: The Executive Summary


We have seen a return of "older" risks—inflation, cost-of-living crises, trade wars, capital outflows from emerging markets, geopolitical confrontation, and the specter of nuclear warfare—which few of this generation's business leaders have experienced. These are being amplified by comparatively new developments in the global risks landscape. In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, this Executive Summary of the 18th edition of The Global Risks Report highlights the major risk issues and trends leaders like you will face in the coming years.

Read the full report for the detailed insights into the priorities and strategies of your peers. It also gives the actionable steps you can take to build resilience in this turbulent risk environment. Use the report to: 

  • Discover the four risk themes you should focus on in 2023.
  • Understand key shifts and trends happening in a converging risk landscape.
  • Educate your leadership team on the current and emerging risk environment.
  • Learn the actions you and your organization can take now to build risk resilience. 

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