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Life Insurance Audits Versus Life Insurance Reviews
Stephen T. Herlihy, Wellspring Associates
A Life insurance audit is an everything-to-gain, nothing-to-lose proposition for a trustee of a trust that owns life insurance where significant planning is in place. A proper, thorough audit is
The Secret Key to Protecting Your Client's Wealth
PURE Insurance
Ultra-high net worth clients are often more focused on asset preservation than accumulation. Yet while they commonly own multiple homes, automobiles, watercrafts, heirloom jewelry and other expensive
Users Beware: Personal Conversations Are Not So Personal in Court
Warner Norcross & Judd
Most professionals understand that work emails can be “discovered” in litigation, meaning that adverse parties can obtain these communications if they are relevant to the dispute.
Is Your Family Office Ready for a Cyber Incident?
Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Family offices and family businesses are frequent targets for cyberattacks because they do not realize their vulnerabilities and often do not have a cybersecurity plan in place. There are six steps
Approaching Prenuptial Agreements Positively
The mere word “prenup” strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of most who hear it. When we realize we have to broach this topic, our thoughts immediately jump to the worst-case scenario - a broken
Hurricane Mitigation Insights: From the Front Lines
Based on decades of firsthand experience, our Hurricane Protection Unit provides insights and lessons learned from the front lines to help enhance your home’s resiliency in the event of a
Myths and Misconceptions about Residential Water Damage
Although water damage is the most frequent cause of loss to luxury homes, most people don’t appreciate the specific impact it could have on them—and therefore don’t take proactive
Family Office Insurance Profile: Data Points to Guide Your Insurance Decisions
Each family office has its own unique makeup, circumstances, and risk considerations when it comes to making insurance decisions. Yet there are typical characteristics that surface when looking at
A Guide to Building a More Resilient Home
PURE Insurance
There are many improvements that can be made to a home today to help prevent costly and dangerous losses in the future. Many of the recommendations included in this guide cost a sliver of what they
Family Office Insurance: Risk Management in a Time of Fluctuation
Many family offices are in a period of change. New family offices continue to emerge; established family offices are shifting strategies and service models. Macroeconomic factors and the perpetually