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The UK Chooses Brexit: Considerations for Companies
Marsh USA Inc.
After months of fierce debate and a policymaking hiatus, the United Kingdom (UK) electorate has voted in favour of leaving the European Union (EU). While the broad direction is set, companies will
Internal Controls: Assessing Risks and Implementing Solutions
There are a myriad of issues facing families and family offices in today’s complex and competitive private wealth environment.  While some of the challenges aren’t avoidable…sometimes families
Homeowners Insurance: The Foundation of a Solid Risk Management Program
Marsh USA Inc.
Studies show that nearly two out of every three homes are underinsured, and not all homeowners insurance policies are the same. There are significant coverage differences between standard insurers
Top 10 Security Risks to Family Offices and Family Business and Best Practices for Mitigation
Family offices and family-operated companies face a variety of security risks, including: cyber, physical, reputational, and financial. In many cases, their interconnectedness to family residences
Central Banks Are Vulnerable to Cybercrime. That Means You Are, Too.
Justin Kapahi
An unprecedented cyber theft transpired earlier this year, one as daring as it is revelatory. When unknown thieves siphoned $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank, by using the SWIFT system to
FINRA Intensifies Cybersecurity—Guidance for Broker-Dealers
External IT
During the past year, financial institutions of all kinds have experienced repercussions from cybersecurity gaps. The alarming truth is that many broker-dealers have failed to stay up to date with
Case Study—Security, Regulation and Mobility Led RIA to the Cloud
External IT
Strong cybersecurity for protecting sensitive client data is a critical capability for any Registered Investment Advisor firm. In 2013, Hardy Reed—one of the first firms to earn the Center for
Cybersecurity & Technology Primer for Advisors
External IT
Cybercriminals targets the financial industry 300 times more frequently than any other industry, resulting in mega breaches and millions of records stolen through hacktivism, malware, social
The Changing Face of Global Terrorism
Terrorism can take many shapes and involve a vast range of political or ideological agendas. But there are common threads linking all acts of terror: they involve the use of threat of violence, they
Personal Security Guidelines
NYA International
A number of factors are heightening safety and personal security concerns for the ultra wealthy, including global political instability and kidnapping. Also, advances in social media and technology