Insurance and Risk Management


Protecting High Net Worth Individuals and Families
Hillard Heintze
Wealth attracts attention and an increase in personal risk, including the risk of being kidnapped. Why then is there resistance to security among wealthy individuals and families, whether they come
Cybersecurity is Like a Sponge: 5 Ways to Contain Your Data
Plante Moran
It’s tempting to imagine the computer systems as airtight vaults, impenetrable and immune to cyberattacks. But this would be a risky move. In reality, IT infrastructure is more like a porous
Using Letters of Intent in Commercial Real Estate Negotiations
Stephen J. Siegel
Before executing a commercial property lease or sales contract, the parties may prepare a letter of intent or an agreement in principle. The letter of intent or a similar document (the “LOIs
Email Compromise Scams—Wire Transfer Fraud
HUB International Personal Insurance
Each year fraudsters are stealing millions of dollars through sophisticated fraudulent use of Email Compromise Scams targeted at individuals and employees who regularly perform wire transfers. The
Identity Theft and Cyber Security Checklist
HUB International Personal Insurance
Identity theft is a risk that continues to grow and change daily. Due to the many forms identity theft can take, including medical, credit, and financial, the threat remains prevalent and affects
Protecting Your Personal and Business Information from Cyber Attacks
Hub International Personal Insurance
All businesses face cyber threats. Almost every company has some kind of network, database or online presence that puts it at risk for a cyber breach. Smaller businesses can be more vulnerable than
United States Insurance Market Report 2016
Marsh USA Inc.
Ample capacity and insurer competition generally put downward pressure on rates in most coverage lines in 2015, a trend expected to continue in 2016, barring unforeseen changes in condition. Other
Asia Insurance Market Report 2016
Marsh USA Inc.
Overall, the insurance market in Asia remained competitive in 2015, with rates remaining stable or decreasing in most lines of insurance. However, certain lines did experience rate increases and
Turnaround and Transformation in Cybersecurity: Technology, Key Findings from The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2016
PwC Private Company Services
Technology companies are spearheading industry-spanning innovations that underpin the Internet of Things (IoT), bigger data analytics and cloud-based “everything as a service.” Ultimately
Family Office Management Liability Issues to Consider
Marsh USA Inc.
In the day-to-day operations of ensuring a successful family office, responsibilities create a range of liability risks for the family office entity and its executive and professional staff. Being