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CyberSmart: Understanding and Managing Cyber Threats to High Net Worth Individuals
PURE Insurance
While the revolution of the “information age” creates tremendous advantages and helps accelerate innovation, it brings with it new risks—namely cyber attacks. While corporate
5 Key Provisions to Address in Commercial Agreements
Marlon Lofgren
Commercial agreements come in a variety of types, but most have certain common provisions that should be carefully reviewed in the context of the underlying transaction covered by the agreement. When
Successor Liability Pitfalls in Asset Acquisitions
Eric Oxley
A significant step in the acquisition process is determining the structure of the deal. The two most common deal structures are: (1) the purchase of the ownership interests of the target (such as a
SaaS and You: How To Safeguard Client Data in the Cloud
Justin Kapahi
Cloud-based applications, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), offer significant benefits. They are highly affordable, require minimal IT involvement, have no hardware requirements, and offer
Life Stage Milestones: Personal Risk Management Considerations
Marsh USA Inc.
Your first home, establishing your career, marriage, a new baby, a teen’s first car, a student going to college, retirement—many of life’s major events can affect not only your life
Joining the Board: Protecting Yourself as a Director or Officer
Marsh USA Inc.
Although public companies are most often the targets of shareholder claims and class-action suits, not-for-profit and private entities are not immune from litigation. As a director, you could be
Protecting Your Business Against Data Breaches
Nate Seed
Data breaches have become an accepted fact of modern business. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, twenty-nine businesses reported data breaches in August of 2016 alone. No industry was
Selling Estate Guns or Large Gun Collections
Karen Kayes
Although surveys vary, it is estimated that one-third of Americans own a gun. Therefore, the probability that a professional fiduciary (whether a trustee or personal representative) will be
Guardianship: Strategies for Minimizing Risk
Steven W. Perlstein, Adriana Riviere-Badell, Josh Sheptow, Robin Rathmell, and James Corbett QC
It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as we age, our cognitive powers often decline. To assist people as they reach this stage in their lives, states provide a mechanism by which a person’s
Risky Business: Protecting Your Company Against Threats
Wilmington Trust
Entrepreneurs are risk takers by nature, leveraging their insight, hard work, and capital to create successful companies. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who become business owners don’t