Insurance and Risk Management


Insurance Matters: The Case for Strategic Insurance Planning
Family Office Exchange
Insurance is an indispensable risk management tool for families seeking to sustain wealth across multiple generations. Families must manage their insurance needs in a strategic and comprehensive
Managing Future Uncertainty Through Effective Risk Planning
Families that integrate risk management into their broader wealth management practice take a proactive rather than reactive approach to the future. They recognize how current actions and efforts have
Best Practices in Life Insurance Carrier and Product Due Diligence
By going inside the black box of life insurance products and pricing you will be in a better position to analyze current holdings therefore becoming a savvier buyer for future acquisitions. This
Securing the Future: Managing Threats and Opportunities Through Effective Risk Planning
Family Office Exchange
Conducted in partnership with Harris myCFO, this is the third publication in a series of FOX Thought Leaders Programs, and the second study to examine how families with generational wealth can adopt
Heist-Geist: Securing or Recovering Unique and Valuable Objects
A variety of special challenges confront families collecting art and other unique and valuable objects. It is critical for family offices to examine processes on how to secure and protect thier
Rethinking Investment Risk Management: Anticipated Changes to Investment Risk Management Practices in a New Era of Due Diligence
Family Office Exchange
In the wake of the recent financial crisis, many families are re-evaluating their processes for managing investment risk and are searching for new safeguards for mitigating the impact of extreme
Boosting Your Immunity: Auditing the Family's Health Care Coverage
In mainstream media coverage of America's health care system, it is commonly implied that wealthy patients are largely immune to health care challenges and risks. The conventional wisdom is often
Crisis Communications for Family Offices: Before, During, and Today
When it comes to worries that can keep family leaders up at night, “PR crisis” ranks high on the list. Whether due to an actual event – or just a rumor – unwanted public attention can have powerful
Private Investigation: If, When, How...or Not?
In their personal and business lives, wealth owners face a variety of risks, many of which could be mitigated or possibly even eliminated with the help of experienced investigative professionals.In
"The Pith Helmet Family": Managing Adventure and Extreme Travel Risks
More and more, family members are heading off the beaten path when they travel. Whether the purpose is business, philanthropy, or pleasure, excursions to less-developed areas of the world present a