Investment Planning

Leaders in the private wealth management industry have formalized the investment planning process, learning from their institutional counterparts. They know that successful investment planning goes beyond financial asset management, diversification, due diligence and financial reporting. Integrating the family’s investment plan with the personal, financial and philanthropic goals of the family is essential.


Venture Capital: Frothy Markets?
With the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain imminent, and innovations in healthcare and energy continuing to reshape our lives, many view these trends
The Evolution of Alternative Investments: Adapting to Survive
In this session, originally presented at the 2017 FOX Spring Global Investment Forum, we will discuss the most important trends affecting the hedge fund and private equity industries, from the in
2017 FOX Global Investment Survey Highlights

One of the most valuable benefits of FOX membership is the peer perspective gleaned by participating in FOX surveys.

Risk Management: The Intelligent Pursuit of Risk

In most facets of life, we tend to associate risk with downsides: the risk of injury from slipping on ice; the risk of perishing in a plane crash; the risk of property damage from a flood.

Investing for a Disruptive Future
Ridge Powell

The acceleration of technological innovations and the challenges associated with adapting to them seem to point toward a tumultuous future. That future appears to be approaching faster than ever.

Family Offices and Direct Investments: Due Diligence Best Practices and Costly Mistakes to Avoid
What do families tend to underestimate or overlook in the due diligence process?
Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors

The 2016-17 FOX Thought Leaders Council Report: Strengthening the Partnership Between Families and Advisors is a great resource for those who are seeking ways to construct sustaina

FOX Public Webinar - Investors Chasing Yale and the Future of Alpha
This webinar gave an overview of how family offices have been “chasing Yale” in pursuit of double digit portfolio returns.
Defining the Terms of Purpose-Built Philanthropy
Bank of the West

As high-net-worth investors discuss plans for charitable giving and investing with their financial advisors, it is absolutely crucial for them to be on the same page in terms of the outcomes desire

Market Commentary 2016 Q4 – America Voted for Economic Growth
North Sky Capital

Thank goodness the U.S. election is over so we can all stop slinging arrows at each other and get on with our lives for at least the next 18 months.