Investment Update, September 2016
Jeff Mortimer, CFA
Now that school is back in session, it’s important for students to take stock of what they know as they embrace a new year of learning. It’s also a good time for investors to assess the
The Science of Growth: Understanding & Improving Startups’ Probability of Success
As family members, office executives and advisors work to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in their family's ventures, it's critical for them to understand the phases startups go through. They also
The State of Social Finance in Family Offices
Bruce Stewart
Millennials and ultra-high net worth individuals are increasingly seeking to connect with and positively change their communities through investing, and the way capital is currently deployed can no
Evaluating Private Equity Funds
In light of volatility and low returns in the public equity markets, private equity remains a strategic and tactical part of most family office asset allocations. This session on due diligence of
Turn Your Passion into Payday: Managing Your Collection Like An Investment
Kemp Stickney
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns a collection of impressionist and modern art worth hundreds of millions. Fashion magnate Ralph Lauren has accumulated more than 60 collectible cars, including
Does Diversification Still Matter? As Much As Ever.
Tony Roth and Shubhro Banerjee
Two harsh realities threaten to compromise most investment objectives: first, markets are unpredictable and, second, investors can sometimes be their own worst enemies. A well-diversified portfolio
REITs Achieve New Sector Status in the Investment Marketplace
Ascent Private Capital Management
Real estate has long been recognized as a diversification vehicle within investment portfolios and often is held in one of two ways: physical real estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).
Investment Update, August 2016
Jeff Mortimer, CFA
Investors were recently challenged after the U.K. referendum on membership in the European Union (the Brexit vote). Although the polls predicted a tight race, the markets were signaling that a vote
Altair Insight—2016 Q1 Market Review: The Big Reversal
Altair Advisers LLC
Any investors who were too preoccupied to track the markets in the first three months of 2016 might conclude from their quarterly statement that not much of consequence happened. They may have missed
Altair Insight—2016 Q2 Market Review: Perplexity
Altair Advisers LLC
Heading down the backstretch of 2016, the status quo brings to mind the title of the old comedy routine “Everything You Know is Wrong.” It seems that the capital markets have adopted