Using Technology to Identify and Address Behavioral Bias in Investment Decisions
Decision support software can empower professional investors to do more of what they're good at, and less of what they're not. Through behavioral finance, we can now identify patterns in the way a
Financial Update: Global Issues Impacting FOX Families
As a global network of families, family offices and family wealth advisors, Family Office Exchange is at the center of conversation around issues of financial relevance that impact FOX Families.
Institutional Currency Management - Myths and Realities
Family offices are examining asset classes for future return opportunities, but almost all of their options seem expensive in the wake of quantitative easing. With expected returns also looking
Director and Trustee Pay Plans: Increasing Responsibility and Governance Impact
With family office boards and trustees increasingly responsible for areas such as investment performance, risk mitigation, executive compensation, family member communication and strategic
2015 FOX Global Investment Survey
Family Office Exchange
This annual FOX survey of investor attitudes and behaviors provides readers with peer perspective on a wide range of topics including – Economic Outlook, Investment Objectives and Time Horizon
Social Investing: A Conversation About the Journey
Corporate Social Responsibility can be much more than a cost, a constraint or a charitable deed – it can be a source of opportunity, innovation and competitive edge. Companies that are good social
De-mystifying Crowdfunding: Global Developments and Opportunities for Family Offices
With increasing interest in “crowdfunding”, this webinar will separate fact from fiction in this emerging asset class.   Attendees will learn:The status of the US and global crowdfunding
2014 FOX Investment Survey Presentation of Findings
Critical to a multi-faceted investment strategy is benchmarking, not only to measure the impact of return characteristics, but also to determine the strategy’s effectiveness as compared to other
2014 FOX Global Investment Survey
Family Office Exchange
The seventh FOX survey of investor attitudes and behaviors since 2008 covers a wide range of topics including – Asset Allocation, Performance and Costs; Investment Professionals, Services, Fees
Trends in the Private Equity Secondary Market
The webinar will examine the private equity secondary market, a private market where specialist managers purchase interests in existing private equity funds.  Join the session at a time when