"Not My Parents Advisor": Creating Successful Successions Using a Multigenerational Approach


92% of heirs switch their advisors after receiving their inheritances. As the Baby Boomer generation prepares to transfer an unprecedented amount of wealth to the next generation, advisors have an opportunity to support their client families to creating successful successions—and to support the long-term, sustainability of their own practices—by adapting their thinking from working with multiple generations of a family, to supporting families through a collaborative multi-generational approach. In this program, speakers will explain the difference between working with multiple generations in relative isolation and a multigenerational approach that stresses collaboration across the family. Program speakers will review not only the likely differences in leadership dynamics from baby boomers to generation X and Y, but also the important role of multi-generational collaboration between the family’s key advisors in ensuring successful succession.

Date Published: Friday, May 28, 2010

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