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Tax-Smart Philanthropy for 2022
Schwab Advisor Family Office
For the charitably inclined individuals and families who are exploring ways to reduce their tax expose and maximize their charitable impact in 2022, there are eight tax-smart tips for charitable
Family Giving Primer: Operations and Management
National Center for Family Philanthropy
One of the critical considerations you and your family must define is how best to manage the operations of philanthropy. This primer is the sixth in a series of seven about the Family Giving
Family Giving Primer: Impact Strategies and Tools
National Center for Family Philanthropy
How will you use your resources to achieve your philanthropic purpose? Learn how to consider the context in which you are operating, the role you want to play within that context, and what processes
Family Giving Primer: Impact Vehicles and Structures
National Center for Family Philanthropy
The form of your giving must follow the function you intend for your philanthropy. Explore the vehicles and structures available to you and how to determine which best supports your philanthropic
Family Giving Primer: Succession and Legacy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
What is the consequence of your philanthropy and who will steward future efforts? Legacy requires creating and implementing plans for donor intent, lifespan, continuity, and succession. Explore how
Family Giving Primer: Assessment and Learning, Identifying Methods to Measure Success
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Effective philanthropy is a process of continual learning. An assessment plan will help you define and measure the progress of your partners, your strategy, and the governance and operations of your
Family Giving Primer: Building a Governance Framework for Your Decision Making
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Governance is the framework that helps you establish decision-making principles, policies, and practices. Understand the process and value of building a strong governance structure.This primer is the
Philanthropic Purpose: Defining Your Motivations, Values, Principles, and Priorities
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Why do you and your family want to give? While it can be difficult to answer, defining and articulating a clear philanthropic purpose should be your north star. Designed to help take stock of your
How to Help Your Teens Discover Their Philanthropic Passions
Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank
Teaching the joys, benefits, and responsibilities of philanthropy is often a top-down process. For most families, the starting point in encouraging a philanthropic mindset in children is to identify
Diversity, Inclusion and Effective Philanthropy
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Good intentions do not make for philanthropic success on their own. Blind spots cost philanthropists—and the causes they espouse—dearly. To make the most of their philanthropic dollars,