Philanthropic Giving


Engaging the Family Office in Impact Investing
As Impact Investing gains global momentum and acceptance as viable family oriented strategy, a key question needs to be addressed... Is Your Family Office Ready for Impact Investing?  Temple
Philanthropy – Let’s Talk About It
In 2013, U.S. Trust partnered with The Philanthropic Initiative to conduct research on philanthropy discussions between professional advisors and their high net worth clients. The findings show
Working Together for Common Purpose: The First National Study of Family Philanthropy Through the Family Office
National Center for Family Philanthropy in collaboration with FOX and Threshold Group
This first national study explores the topic of family philanthropy through the family office including opportunities and challenges, perspectives and experiences of practitioners and family members
Ensuring the Grass is Always Greener: Responsible Property Investing
Many wealth owning families own extensive property as a significant portion of their portfolio and are looking for ways to balance the need for investment returns with environmental responsibility