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Three Ways to Maximize Tax Benefits Through Charitable Giving
The process of finding a charity and donating money seems simple. However, just like portfolio asset allocation, slightly different approaches can yield dramatically different results in your
The Giving Landscape: 2020 Trends
National Center for Family Philanthropy
In a season of change and unprecedented challenges—from the unexpected presence of a devastating pandemic, growing awareness of longstanding racism and pervasive systemic inequality, and a
Social Equity Investing: From Ideas to Action
Cambridge Associates
Thought leaders and practitioners discuss key investment risks and opportunities through a social equity lens, and are joined by Judy Belk, president and CEO of The California Wellness Foundation,
Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness: How Nonprofits Are Leveraging Donor-Advised Funds
Schwab Advisor Family Office
Over the past decade, the popularity and use of donor-advised funds, or DAFs as they are commonly known, have grown dramatically. In this Giving With Impact podcast, learn how nonprofits can leverage
Seeing, Facilitating, and Assessing Systems Change
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
To make progress on challenging issues of social and environmental problems, strategic funders understand the need to address the systems that maintain and exacerbate them. Drawing on secondary
Venture Philanthropy: Empowering Possibility
Schwab Advisor Family Office
With the growing popularity of market-based or market-inspired solutions to addressing some of society’s biggest problems, philanthropy and private equity are no longer distant worlds. Today,
Giving Across Generations: Maximizing Impact through Family Philanthropy
Schwab Advisor Family Office
There is an increasing desire among families to work together to use their resources to solve social challenges. And while a variety of challenges can compromise the work, successful
How to Help During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Schwab Advisor Family Office
With almost two million nonprofits in the U.S., including thousands of local community foundations, it can be overwhelming to know where to start to help during a COVID-19 pandemic. Four steps are
Balancing Purpose, Payout, and Permanence: Strategy Guide
National Center for Family Philanthropy
How much to spend is an essential question for foundations, and one of the most complex, particularly in moments of change or turmoil. This Strategy Guide invites you to reflect more deeply on how
Impact Investing for Nonprofits, Endowments, and Foundations
Nonprofit endowments and philanthropic foundations are increasingly interested in how their investment practices can be aligned with the institution's mission, values, and goals. One way to do