Philanthropic Giving


Compromise or Conflict? Managing Intergenerational Consensus Building Around Philanthropy
As the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history unfolds during a time of rapid technological, climate, and social change, some families view philanthropy as a way to build family cohesion
Disruptive Philanthropists
The way individuals are approaching philanthropy has evolved in recent years, with philanthropists taking the very best of the corporate world and adding more rigor and measurement to how they give
Meetings Matter: A Practical Guide for Philanthropic Families
National Center for Family Philanthropy
In this guide, Janice Simsohn Shaw shares tips for running a smooth meeting, based on the close consideration of the purpose, outcomes, process, and people involved. Constructive templates are also
The Family Governance Pyramid: Enhancing and Guiding Your Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Just as government and businesses require sound governance to do their work well, so too do families—and their philanthropy. The Family Governance Pyramid provides a model and framework for
Giving Together: Using Philanthropy to Prepare the Next Generation
Tolleson Wealth Management
Successfully transferring wealth to the next generation requires healthy and open communication within a family. In this Insights episode, learn how philanthropy can create the unique opportunity for
Family Philanthropy Speaks: a Conversation with Irene Pritzker and Liesel Pritzker Simmons
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Liesel Pritzker Simmons, principal and co-founder of Blue Haven Initiative, and her mom Irene Pritzker, president of the IDP Foundation, have built innovative family philanthropy efforts. In this
Demystifying Decision Making in Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
This issue brief examines the kinds of decisions that family foundations often face and sets out practical, easy-to-apply guidelines for ensuring that the foundation’s decision-making methods
Schwab Charitable Giving Guide
Schwab Advisor Family Office
The purpose of this Guide is to provide donors like you with a comprehensive resource—including a giving planner based on the completion of eight decision-point activities—to help
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Legacy is a fundamental consideration in the practice of effective family philanthropy. It should be embraced and considered regularly, done with intentionality that is born of values and is
Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework and Family Workbook
National Center for Family Philanthropy
Through interviews with dozen of donors, Legacy in Family Philanthropy: A Modern Framework, explores big concepts, such as how the ever-evolving idea of legacy relates to values-driven giving and a