FOX Technology Resource Partner Focus Group: Libretto


FOX Technology Resource Partners act as both core and peripheral services and solutions for the community and membership including families, family offices, operating companies, and advisor organizations. FOX hosts a monthly meeting comprised of different thought leader specialists whose focus is in the areas of technology including software, data management, outsource services, advisors and consultants, and managed service providers. FOX membership is invited to learn and take a deep dive into our Tech Partner platforms, solutions, and services.

Building cohesive multigenerational strategies.

How do you advance the family mission while solving for the unique needs of each generation? While a family’s mission and strategy are typically applied from the top down, the success of the plan ultimately depends on the households and individuals comprising each generation. Can we improve family outcomes by refining the strategy from the bottom up?

In this session, Jeff Coyle, founder of Libretto and former advisor with 25+ years of experience managing UHNW clients, will present a framework for engaging each household in the strategy process and connecting their needs back to the family strategy and mission.

Jeff Coyle, Founder & CEO, Libretto