Private Trust Companies


Post Fiscal Cliff Tax Changes and Climate in D.C. Teleconference
Many of you know, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was quickly passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama.  What you may not know are the implications of those changes and
Protection of Fine Art Collections: Security and Risk Management
While art can imbue an otherworldly experience, there are real world issues to be addressed when collecting art to ensure its protection and survival for future generations.  Join this webinar
Two Options Demystified: Private Family Trust Company and Family Bank Dynasty Trust
Creating a Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) may be the perfect solution for a family who values flexibility and control or family office looking to comply with the SEC regulations. View this
2012 Estate Planning Update
Participate in this year’s estate planning update. This webinar is one of the most highly attended programs every year. Our speaker will share insights on recent legislative and regulatory
Year of the Gift - Case Studies in Estate and Insurance Planning
Thanks to the Tax Relief Act of 2011, the gift tax exemption amount has increased from $1 million to $5 million. Participate in this webinar and learn about several legal and insurance planning
Trust Distributions: How Much? When? How and (Dare We Say) Why?
21st century wealth owners and their financial advisors often seek to design trusts that are flexible enough to withstand personal and financial changes yet manage the investment's outcome. Trusts
Rethinking Canada: A Safe and Surprisingly Tax Advantaged Alternative for Wealthy Families
As the world’s economies continue to globalize and integrate, more and more wealthy families are recognizing that citizenship is more than just a nationality inherited at birth. In fact, citizenship
Prenuptial Talks Without Drama
There are many misconceptions about prenuptial agreements and while many people feel they are integral to protecting the assets of the family, others feel they engender feelings of distrust and add
Planning the Future of Family-Owned Real Estate
Conservancy, financial and tax considerations play a vital role in the succession of family owned real estate.We are please to have two nationally recognized experts Dennis Delaney and Nancy Dempze,
Brother, Can You Spare a....Intra-Family Loans: Taking Advantage of Today's Low Interest Rate Environment
Intra-family loans are becoming increasingly popular within the private wealth sector. In an ever-changing environment, this method takes advantage of low interest rates, provides more flexibility