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Teaching children about personal finance, owning foreign assets, assessing the impact of tax extenders, and staying current on the Net Investment Income Tax are topics that many high net worth
Estate Planning Questions and Issues to Ponder
Roy Ballentine
In nearly every discussion about estate planning, important questions and issues arise. If couples arrive in their attorney’s office having already thought about these issues—including
Guide to Tax and Wealth Management 2016
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Continuous learning and adapting is essential to effectively managing wealth and accomplishing family goals and missions. Having a guide and quick reference to key information—best practices
2016 Tax Policy Outlook: Setting Priorities In An Election Year
PwC Private Company Services
While election-year politics will dominate legislative action in 2016, comprehensive tax reform remains a priority for many businesses. President Obama and the Republican leaders of Congress will
Power of Appointment Support Trust (POAST)
Abbot Downing
With the recent changes in the transfer tax laws, it is possible to transfer greater wealth and reduce income taxes through POAST. This innovative approach and integrated trust technique allow a
Fiduciary Conflicts of Interest in the World of PFTCs: A Lurking Concern
The organizational structure of a Private Family Trust Company, or PFTC, has several roles that need to be filled. As a result, there is substantial risk that, absent preventative measures, the
Regulatory Challenges for the PFTC in the FATCA/FINRA Era
As the use and acceptance of Private Family Trust Companies (PFTCs) proliferates, there is renewed interest in their associated regulatory issues and challenges—especially in the Foreign Account Tax
Key Trust States’ Innovative Proposals Supporting Private Family Trust Companies and Family Trusts
This is featured programming for the FOX Private Family Trust Company Network. This program provides an exclusive and unprecedented “behind the scenes” look at the new and innovative trust and
2015 Estate Planning Update
Tom Abendroth and Jim Steffel joined us to review 2015 estate planning. They guided FOX participants through the most significant legislative, regulatory and case law developments that were covered
Tax and Estate Planning Issues of Multijurisdictional Cross-Border Families
Given the increasing trend towards global mobility, many international families have members who in the United States or are United States citizens by virtue of birth in the United States. There can