Private Trust Companies


What to Know About Incentives and Trusts
Baker Tilly
Many affluent parents have concerns about the impact a significant inheritance could have on their children. If you're not ready to give the bulk of your estate to charity but you are
Integrating Fiduciary and Family Office Structures with a Virtual Family Office
Willow Street Group
A private family trust company (PTC) often serves as an excellent governance framework and corporate structure for a virtual family office (VFO) by providing integrated, holistic oversight of
Collective Investment Trusts and Good Governance Considerations
Wilmington Trust
Interest in collective investment trusts (CITs) as plan investment options is steadily accelerating. As part of this growing attention, CIT governance practices, and the policies and procedures banks
Tennessee's Uniform Trust Code Revisions
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis (now part of Holland & Knight)
Over the past decade, the Tennessee legislature has taken significant actions to provide a more practical statutory framework for trust administration. With the latest enhancements to the Tennessee
Boost Family Wealth with Dynasty Trusts
Baker Tilly
Compound growth over time—uneroded by taxes—is key to amassing substantial wealth, and that’s where dynasty trusts come in. It’s designed to minimize taxes over multiple
Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts and Illustration
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis (now part of Holland & Knight)
A Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) is an effective means to reduce current income taxes, transfer wealth to a family free of gift and estate tax, and benefit charity.  Here is an
Private Trust Company Overview
Willow Street Group
Also known as a family trust company, a private trust company (PTC) is an entity that allows families to unbundle fiduciary services in furtherance of family and financial goals. In this overview and
Flexible Trusts to Deal with Future Uncertainties
South Dakota Trust Company
Flexible trust planning has never been more important as a result of current and future health, political, economic, and tax uncertainty. Modern directed trusts are one of the best vehicles to
Supercharge the Sale of Your Business with a Charitable Remainder Trust
Baker Tilly
If you own a closely held business, choosing how and when to exit your business is a critical part of the planning. If one of your goals involves benefiting charity, you might consider the use of a
Three Essential Checklists for Running an Irrevocable Trust
BMO Family Office
When an irrevocable trust meets all of its goals, it is reflective of following the three essential checklists that focus on the people, the establishment of the trust, and the running of the trust.