The Psychology of Wealth in Taxing Times


Effectively adapting to adjustments in economic culture and wealth is often difficult and requires families to balance past tradition with the need to move forward. Internationally-recognized family wealth psychologist Dr. James Grubman joins host Damien Martin to discuss the dilemmas, decisions, and challenges that come with wealth and share real-world stories for those both new to and coming from wealth. Here's what's covered:

  • Immigrants and natives to wealth @ 2:48
  • “Adapting from one economic culture to another is harder than people think” @ 6:44
  • The three main questions of adaptation @ 8:34
  • Best practices for balancing the past with the future in adaptation @ 9:57
  • The importance of finding the right balance of leaning on past tradition and taking on new skills @ 13:39
  • How to communicate during a crisis @ 16:24
  • Tips and techniques for getting the communication ball rolling @ 22:18
  • The “white noise” factor @ 25:19
  • A resource for getting some help with family communication @ 27:18
  • “You are absolutely not alone” @ 28:24

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