Tax and Estate Planning


What is a Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT)?
A GRAT is an estate freeze technique used in estate planning to minimize taxes on large financial gifts to family members. Under this technique, an irrevocable trust is created to which the grantor
Dynasty Trusts
Following recent amendments to the tax code, both the applicable estate and gift tax exemption and the GST exemption were increased to $11,180,000. This nearly doubled the exemptions available in
Virtual Currencies
Investors are purchasing and selling virtual currencies (also known as “crypto currencies”) at a faster rate than ever before. Although these virtual currencies are not legal
United States Exit Tax and Wealth Recipient Tax Applies to Covered Expatriates
The tax consequences of expatriation for U.S. citizens and long-term green card holders after June 17, 2008 can be enormous. With the exception of deferred compensation items, interests in non-
Integrating Estate Planning and Borrowing: Uncovering Opportunities Under the New Tax Law
Wilmington Trust
Tax reform has necessitated a reevaluation of many individual’s estate plans. It significantly increased the ability of high-net-worth individuals and families to pass wealth free of estate,
Tax Planning with Basis
When an individual purchases property, inherits property, or is gifted property, they obtain a tax basis in the property. Basis is generally the amount of the taxpayer’s capital investment in
Tax Planning for Education
Education is an expense that impacts many families each year. As the cost of secondary and higher education continue to rise, many families should consider the tax benefits of funding educational
Planned Giving
There are many considerations that go into making a planned gift, including the maximization of its impact. There are three types of planned giving: lifetime giving, giving at death, and hybrid
Family Wealth Advisors Insights
Bank of the West
There is great responsibility when serving the ultra-high net worth clients, especially those who are concerned about preserving a family legacy and the successful transfer of their wealth and/or
Family Office Structure: Lender Decision
In December of 2017, the U.S. Tax Court decided in the Lender Management, LLC v. Commissioner case that deductions that were part of a taxpayer’s trade or business were deductible under