Technology Trends and Innovations


How to Stay Safe on Social Media
BMO Family Office
The more we use social media to share updates, pictures and videos with friends and family, the easier it can be for cybercriminals to steal our information. See how you can use social media safely
The Amazonization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Online platforms are reshaping business dynamics, putting customers in charge and forever altering the customer experience. As Asset Managers weigh the critical decision of whether and how to embrace
The Watsonization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Artificial intelligence is quickly transitioning from curiosity to critical cog in efforts to monetize data and power applications from front to back office. Given asset management’s reliance
The Twitterization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Technology has transformed how businesses communicate with—and learn from—their customers. Despite historic hesitancy on the part of many asset managers, driven in large by regulatory
The Googlization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Data-smart companies are learning how to access, aggregate, and distill competitive knowledge from a vast sea of previously inaccessible information. While there will be asset managers who resist the
Turn Five Tech Risks into Opportunity for Your Firm
Organizations across the wealth management landscape face an array of technology risks that are growing more prominent in a post-COVID environment. While keeping an eye on the future and building
Why Real Estate Private Equity Firms Outsource Back Office Resources
Today, private equity real estate funds need innovative accounting technology to develop real-time insights and make financial decisions quickly. Having access to a team with dedicated Enterprise
Tax Technology for Investment Partnerships
Tax technology has been missing for a long time for many partnerships, most notably investment partnerships. There has been an increasing demand from fund CFOs for much more timely tax reporting, and
What Tax Technology Looks Like in 2021 and Beyond
As businesses and the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and seek to reestablish some normalcy, tax professionals have a rare opportunity to lead change within their organizations. For some,
AI Automation – Investing in a Post-Pandemic World
The pandemic has accelerated innovation – we have seen 10 years of digital transformation practically overnight, adding momentum to the AI wave. As companies become more digital, AI becomes