Technology Trends and Innovations


Is COVID-19 a Catalyst for Digital Identity Advancement?
Perkins Coie
The growth and adoption of secure digital identity systems, including digital health status systems containing health records, could provide a uniform and reliable response to calls for health
Seven Technology Industry Predictions for 2022
While 2021 revealed the resiliency of the tech industry and inspired innovation amid spikes in demand, the tech landscape in 2022 will be shaped by the confluence of various factors. From impending
2022 FOX Foresight - Tech Architecture for the Family Office of the Future
We rely on – and have come to expect – real-time information to make decisions in every aspect of our lives. Family offices are no different. Unfortunately, many continue to use time-
Fund Accounting in a Family Office
Eton Solutions
Eton Solutions discusses the challenges fund accounting presents to family office operations and describe how the office can achieve positive outcomes to these challenges.
Technology Overload: A Guide to Making Smarter Decisions
Baker Tilly
Choosing the right technology among so many choices is hard. Deciding which technology to adopt and how to best use it are challenges for leaders, especially in a time of rapid change. The focus has
The Path to the Family Office of the Future
Eton Solutions
Professionals working in family offices are experiencing significant and increasing complexity, recognizing the need to evolve and remain up-to-date with their technology tools, software, and
2021 Middle Market Digital Transformation Survey
On the path back to growth, organizations are placing the customer experience (CX) at the top of their lists of digital priorities, beating out operational efficiencies by the slimmest of margins.
Financial Services Accounting Software Buyer's Checklist
Sage Intacct
Financial firms can have multiple holding and operating entities that can create complex inter-company workflows. This buyer’s checklist is provided to help you evaluate accounting software
Buyer's Guide to Accounting and Financial Management Software
Sage Intacct
In today’s complicated business climate, is your accounting software helping you grow and compete—or holding you back? This guide will help you understand whether it’s time to make
2021 Cybersecurity Update
This annual cybersecurity update covers the leading threats you need to be aware of to keep your clients and your firm protected. 2021 cybersecurity trends and best practices will be shared.