Technology Trends and Innovations


Must-Consider Technologies to Disrupt Your Status Quo
Dennis Bagley and Dave Plomin, Plante Moran
You’ve made the right moves in your operating business—you’ve developed and executed your IT plan and upgraded your ERP, EAM, and CRM systems to improve efficiencies and gain new
Industry 4.0: Adopt Smart Technologies for a Competitive Advantage
Dave Plomin, Plante Moran
Industry 4.0—synonymous with smart technologies—is driving efficiencies and increasing productivity. Data, and the physical-digital integration of humans, processes, systems, and machines
Tomorrow's World: A Revolution Begins
PwC Private Company Services
The future. It’s the topic on the mind of most business leaders—what’s going to happen in the future? And importantly, how do you ensure you’re prepared for it? Today, as
The Risks of Social Engineering Fraud
by Seth Spreadbury, Marsh & McLennan Agency
While cyber liability losses and privacy claims continue to rise, a new exposure has arisen. Hackers have determined that due to the increased sophistication in computer security, it may be easier to
Driving Performance in the Family Office: 3 New Approaches for the Data Driven Chief Financial Officer
Sage Intacct
Financial reports and other real-time operational data are often lagging indicators of performance. These metrics, although perhaps lacking precision, may have been sufficiently effective in the past
An Interactive Exploration of Machine Learning Techniques
Michael Mundt, Revolution Capital Management
This paper explores how machine learning may be integrated into systematic strategies, in this case, CTAs, to potentially improve performance from these quantitively-driven models.
Technology: A Means, Not an End
Northern Trust
Technology was critical to the foundation of asset custody more than 40 years ago. As the industry has evolved, custodial technology has provided support to asset owners and asset managers making
Not All Clouds Are Equal: Demystifying the 'Public vs. Private' Debate
External IT
Ask a wealth management colleague to define “the cloud” and you are likely to get a vague response. Even among information technology experts, the term “cloud” may refer to
As Fintech Platforms Grow Up, Investment Management Firms Face the 'Problems of Tomorrow'
Jesse P. Kanach, Andrew P. Cross, and Mary C. Moynihan, Perkins Coie
Fund groups face disruptive developments, as advances in financial technology, often called fintech, continue at an ever more rapid pace. Even as new efficiencies and opportunities blossom,
Risk Management: Governance, Culture and Technology
In the introductory paper, Risk Management: The Intelligent Pursuit of Risk, it provided a glimpse of the qualifying framework of striking the right balance of specific risk exposures—with the goal