Technology Trends and Innovations


6 Helpful Steps to Transition to Outsourced IT
Neil Wardyn, Lutz
If you find your growing business suffering from a lack of support in the technology department, then your company may benefit from outsourcing IT. Some businesses struggle to find room in the budget
Identity Theft — Protecting Your Identity
Northern Trust
Prevention matters, and knowledge is the key to prevention. By understanding exactly what identity theft is, how it happens, and how it affects you, you will be better able to prevent and, if
Establishing an Effective Cyber Security Program
Northern Trust
As threats continue to mount, understanding and managing cybersecurity risks has become top of mind for leaders in business and government. According to the Federal Trade Commission, business
Protecting Yourself Against Cybercrime
Marsh USA
According to the 2018 Global Risks Report, cybercrime is the top risk for business leaders in advanced economies, as well as the risk most likely to intensify. In fact, with the rising frequency of
CIOs as Trusted Business Partners, 2019 CIO Survey
Grant Thornton
As the realities of digital change, evolve, and grow, the CIO position has become more critical. The CIO as “IT operator” is a construct of the past. The role has evolved to include
The Changing Role of the CFO, Talent & Technology
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
CFOs are feeling the rising pressure of leveraging new technology, such as cloud computing, robotic process automation, and various analytical tools, to improve the performance of their organizations
The Real Economy: Is the Economy Headed for Recession?
A confluence of factors is conspiring to lay the groundwork for conditions increasingly threatening an end to the current business cycle. In this issue of The Real Economy, we present a number of
The Cryptocurrency Series, Parts 1-4
Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
Cryptocurrency is experiencing a surge in interest from mainstream investors and corporations worldwide. In this cryptocurrency series, we focus on the evolution of bitcoin moving from fad to
2019 Cybersecurity Outlook
Almost every day there are stories in the news about another security breach, another fraud warning, or another regulatory fine for lack of security. Join us as we highlighted the top 10 IT security
Material Improbabilities: Getting Practical With Emerging Risks
Richard Smith-Bingham, Marsh & McLennan Companies
Widespread political volatility and rapid technological advances are spurring companies to question not just their resilience, but also their fitness for purpose in the new world order. In this