Technology Trends and Innovations


Risk in Review Study: Managing Risks and Enabling Growth in the Age of Innovation
PwC Private Company Services
How can risk executives embrace innovation while preparing for unknown risks such as a self-driving car commandeered by hackers, data analytics software that unintentionally reflects biases, or
I Married a Robot: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives
Ballentine Partners
As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets more sophisticated and weaves further into the fabric of human existence, what are the implications for work and society? How will AI, its evolution, and some of
The Risks of Social Engineering Fraud
Seth Spreadbury, Marsh & McLennan Agency
While cyber liability losses and privacy claims continue to rise, a new exposure has arisen. Hackers have determined that due to the increased sophistication in computer security, it may be easier to
Not All Clouds Are Equal: Demystifying the 'Public vs. Private' Debate
External IT
Ask a wealth management colleague to define “the cloud” and you are likely to get a vague response. Even among information technology experts, the term “cloud” may refer to
As Fintech Platforms Grow Up, Investment Management Firms Face the 'Problems of Tomorrow'
Perkins Coie
Fund groups face disruptive developments, as advances in financial technology, often called fintech, continue at an ever more rapid pace. Even as new efficiencies and opportunities blossom,
Risk Management: Governance, Culture and Technology
In the introductory paper, Risk Management: The Intelligent Pursuit of Risk, it provided a glimpse of the qualifying framework of striking the right balance of specific risk exposures—with the goal
Navigating Your Way Through the Cloud Journey
The cloud is one of the largest drivers of emerging technology solutions, and for many organizations, it has become one of their most valuable information technology (IT) tools. It enhances data
Infographic— The Internet of Things: Evolution or Revolution?
The Internet of Things (IoT) connects machines and devices to one another. Today’s devices have between 6 to 9 sensors capturing and transmitting data to help all industries become more
IoT Case Studies: Companies Leading the Connected Economy (Part 2 in a Series)
The pace of change that innovative technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), brings is everywhere we look. In an AIG poll of global risk managers from large multinational companies,
Internet of Things (IoT): Risk Manager Checklist
The University of Chicago Law School and AIG
With people, assets, and services becoming increasingly connected by software and hardware—the Internet of Things (IoT)—physical risks are now directly intertwined with digital risks.