Trustees and Beneficiaries


Private Family Trust Company Research: Select State Trust Laws—Nonjudicial Settlement and Modification Agreements with Virtual Representation
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
Private family trust companies have increased in popularity in recent years, and several states have adopted statutes specific to them. This compiled information compares state trust law requirements
Making Sense of Situs for Private Family Trust Companies
This webinar analyzed the meaning and understanding of “situs” as it relates to Private Family Trust Companies, and focused specifically on the concepts of trust company situs, trust situs, and tax
2017 Estate Planning Update
FOX’s annual estate planning review session for 2017 featured Tom Abendroth of Schiff Hardin and Susan Gell Meyers of Warner, Norcross & Judd. They led FOX participants through a thoughtful
Election Results May Provide Opportunities for Major Tax Law Changes in 2017
PwC Private Company Services
The results of the 2016 elections for control of the White House and Congress will have a significant impact on the direction of tax reform over the next four years. President-elect Trump and the
Why 2016 is a Great Year to Give
Schwab Charitable Fund
In 2015 charitable giving rose to $373 billion in the United States, driven by an almost $10 billion increase in gifts from individuals which represent over 70% of total giving. This year individual
Guide to Tax and Wealth Management 2017
PwC Private Company Services
Individuals and families that manage their wealth wisely tend to take an active role in doing so. Rather than leave everything in the hands of an advisory team, they make sure they’re
Panama Papers and US Initiatives to Identify Beneficial Owners
Jennie Cherry and George Harris Jr.
In early April 2016 files leaked from a large Panama-based law firm (known as the ‘Panama Papers’) brought to the attention of many the ways in which offshore companies and structures can
The Private Trust Company Comes Back on Shore – In the United States
John Duncan
Today’s PFTCs bear little resemblance to ‘private trust companies’ of the 1990s, the gestation era for the PFTC. The modern US PFTC also differs markedly from a third form of
FATCA Documentation for US-Based Trusts
Jennie Cherry, Stanley A. Barg, Rashad Wareh and George Harris Jr.
Even though a trust may be established under the laws of a US state and have a US trust company serving as trustee (hereinafter a ‘US-based trust’), this does not mean that it is a US
Private Trust Companies: A Practical Introduction to a Bespoke Solution
Miles C. Padgett
Private trust companies are not a new phenomenon.  Rather, over the past 25 years, they have increased dramatically in number, with hundreds of major, family-controlled trust institutions now