Trustees and Beneficiaries


The Advisor Insights 2016 Q4
Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management
For insights on integrated wealth planning, this issue of The Advisor presents a view from the top with Joe Kahn, The New York Times Managing Editor, the impact of globalization 2.0, and the U.S.
Preserving Family Wealth
Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management
Asset protection follows the continuum of life’s events, reflecting the changes that individuals, families, careers, businesses and wealth undergo. Within the wealth spectrum, a simple way of
Asset Protection at a Glance
Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management
Asset ownership, insurance, irrevocable trust, limited liability entities, and asset protection trusts are key vehicles when it comes to protecting your assets. Having an overview of what is
Understanding Alzheimer's Disease: From Science to Wealth Planning
Physical and cognitive changes are a natural part of the aging process, and in the case of Alzheimer’s disease—the sixth-leading cause of death in America—individuals and families
Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney
Kim Kamin
When evaluating possible estate planning counsel, there are many variables to consider such as educational background and professional experience, skills, and review process. To help you determine if
Excellent Opportunity: The Modern Dynasty Trust/Family Bank
South Dakota Trust Company LLC
In times of economic and tax uncertainty, flexibility and control in the trust is an important concern. The long term nature of a Dynasty Trust—designed to exist in perpetuity to provide a
Oversight and Governance of the Trust Company
You’ve created a great trust structure, but is the family interested and engaged? To garner buy-in, interest, and commitment from the family the trust company structure must be designed in a way that
The Private Family Trust Company and Powerful Alternatives
Al W. King III, South Dakota Trust Company
Families generally have several key desires regarding their trust planning that includes some form of governance structure for the family trusts; privacy; control and flexibility regarding trust
Powerful Trust Planning Opportunities in 2016
South Dakota Trust Company LLC
Many powerful trends are taking place in 2016 with trust and estate planning for both domestic and international families in the favorable boutique trust jurisdictions such as South Dakota. From
Estate Planning for Beneficiaries with Special Needs
Robert M. Freedman, Esq. and Frances M. Pantaleo, Esq., Schiff Hardin
Everything is more complicated for families with a loved one with a disability. From finding the right doctors, the right schools and obtaining necessary therapies and services. Nothing is easy.