Trustees and Beneficiaries


The Private Family Trust Company and Powerful Alternatives
Al W. King III, South Dakota Trust Company
Families generally have several key desires regarding their trust planning that includes some form of governance structure for the family trusts; privacy; control and flexibility regarding trust
IRS Attacks Valuation Discounts
Frederick M. Hopkins, Wilmington Trust
Recently proposed IRS changes to reduce or eliminate valuation discounts could dramatically increase the transfer tax cost of shifting property to members of your family in the future. The loss of
Three Keys to Sustaining Family Wealth
Joan K. Crain
Parents often find it difficult to discuss their wealth—and what will happen to it when they die—with their children. For many families, discussing death is considered to be a bad omen.
Next Generation of Trustees Applies New Perspective to Sound Fundamentals
Brian Broderick, Steve Kidder, Charles Platt
A great deal of focus has been placed on the next generation of business leaders, beneficiaries, and philanthropists. Rarely discussed, however, is the next generation of trustees that will guide
The Physics of Debt: Using Leverage to Gain Estate and Income Tax Advantages
Michael Malakoff, Ascent Private Capital Management
The rules of the game in estate planning have changed. No longer can planners be so focused on the estate tax liability. They now must be equally focused on income taxes. In the past, taxpayers were
Guardianship: Strategies for Minimizing Risk
Steven W. Perlstein, Adriana Riviere-Badell, Josh Sheptow, Robin Rathmell, and James Corbett QC
It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as we age, our cognitive powers often decline. To assist people as they reach this stage in their lives, states provide a mechanism by which a person’s
Selling Estate Guns or Large Gun Collections
Karen Kayes
Although surveys vary, it is estimated that one-third of Americans own a gun. Therefore, the probability that a professional fiduciary (whether a trustee or personal representative) will be
Trustee Best Practices: How to Serve the Family Well and Minimize Personal Risk
Mark K. Harder
Done well, a trustee’s service can have a profoundly positive impact on a family; done poorly, a trustee’s service can create or exacerbate fissures within a family, dissipate family
Urgent FOX Webinar - Is the Clock Ticking for Valuation Discounts? - IRC Sec. 2704
The announcement of proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 2704 has many families and their advisors scrambling to mitigate the potential impact the regulation could have on their
The Importance of Comprehensive Estate Planning as Cognitive Challenges Become More Significant
Sally Mullen, Ascent Private Capital Management
As the nation’s population grows older and more Americans are living longer, cognitive impairment of an individual is likely to become a challenge for more and more families. When a family